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10 Daily Habits That Make Cravings Worse


Cravings have a tendency to sneak up on us, leaving us either battling to ignore them, or habitually reaching for the packet of biscuits to satisfy said craving. Cravings are often shrouded with guilt and negativity. These cravings can often seem unexplained, but in fact, your cravings are all due to your daily habits and choices and are there for a reason – this reason means you can eradicate them from your life. Here are 10 daily habits that encourage the onset of cravings, which are you guilty of?




  • Too bigger portions

When cravings strike for something sweet and comforting, many of us have a tendency to over do it. For example, you have a chocolate cake calling you from the fridge, instead of having a sliver; you cut yourself a great big wedge. The damage is done already as you’ve given into your craving, right? Wrong. Research has shown that those who had a half portion of the food they were craving were equally as satisfied – and only felt a fraction of the guilt. So simply, when treating yourself, have only a little, savour and enjoy it – you’ll feel so much better!


  • Not eating healthy food with the foods you crave

We tend to try to avoid the foods we crave, and eventually splurge out on them at a moment of weakness. Research has shown that by eliminating the stigma surrounding these foods and combining them with a well-balanced and healthy meal, that we gain far more from doing so – such as a stable blood sugar level, maintaining a healthy weight, and also not harbouring any guilty feelings as you have combined the food you crave with a healthy meal.


  • Skipping breakfast

Not hungry first thing in the morning? Skipping breakfast is a recipe for disaster when it comes to mid-morning cravings. With your blood sugar levels on the floor and needing something quick to boost your energy, it’s all too easy to reach for a chocolate bar and a coffee with a dollop of sugar. This doesn’t mean that the answer is to have a filling breakfast before you leave the house – at The Healthy Employee, we advise having 3 meals and 2 snacks each day, but each of these meals/snacks are a moveable feast, just make sure you leave no longer than 5 hours between each one. So perhaps you have little appetite in the morning, simply have a quick snack to get your energy levels started – perhaps a handful of nuts and a banana, and then have your breakfast a little later, say 9am? Breakfast doesn’t need to be a long-winded affair, check out our breakfast ideas here and see what floats your boat and fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.


  • You pile on the guilt

From having a bite of your guilty pleasure, to having a day saturated with junk food. It doesn’t tend to matter how much of the wrong things we consume, we still feel the same amount of guilt regardless. But perhaps the answer is simple, just not to feel guilty? Consciously eat, enjoy and savour your treat, because you earned it. By wracking yourself with guilt, you are more likely to lower your mood, and focus on the item you have eaten. This can lead to comfort eating, which catapults you into a vicious cycle of eating the wrong things and feeling guilty for doing so. Simply eat it, enjoy it, don’t feel bad about it, and carry on with your healthy eating.


  • There’s temptation behind every cupboard

If you know it will tempt you, simply don’t buy it. If you find yourself craving that chocolate fix at 9pm, you’re unlikely to venture out and buy it. However, if it is sat in your cupboard, the temptation is understandably much greater and therefore makes your battle with cravings that much more difficult.


  • Your cravings have no apparent pattern

You regularly find yourself diving into the cupboard for a packet of crisps or a handful of sweets for no apparent reason. When you find yourself doing this, make a note of how you’re feeling, perhaps you’re anxious, stressed, happy or even just bored. Whatever the emotion, a pattern with begin to appear, leaving you clear in the knowledge of your reasons for snacking on the wrong things. This will give you the opportunity to tackle these reasons from another direction, instead of allowing your emotions to dictate your eating pattern.


  • You’ve put yourself on a diet

Strict diets are full of good intentions but unsustainable habits. Diets often create foods that are off limits – this triggers a craving reaction within us. If we deny ourselves something, we are more likely to want it, this will likely lead to heavily bingeing on the food you had banned. Avoid banning certain foods or meals, simply allow yourself a small amount of what you crave and enjoy it, but incorporating this into your lifestyle, you get to enjoy the foods you love, but it also means that you are in control and are not left fighting the urge to dive into the cookie jar.


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