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5 Desk Essentials To Succeed


The following 5 foods will load you up with energy, stabilise your mood calm any nerves – not to mention maintain a healthy weight! A must have for anyone who spends their day sat behind a desk!





1. Oatcakes   

Oatcakes have a low glycemic index, which will help to keep your blood sugar levels stable. They also take a while for your body to digest, meaning you will feel fuller for longer. Not only this, that contain a healthy dose of soluble fibre which is great for lowering cholesterol – bonus!


2. An Orange   

Hesperidin, a specific molecule found in oranges will help to lower your blood pressure. Eating an orange is also far more effective than sipping on orange juice as it has no added sugar and all the fibre.


3. Crudités   

Crudités can be wonderfully flexible, which means that you can gain a huge range of health benefits from them. You could have cucumber to improve concentration, carrots to fight infection, peppers rich in antioxidants, broccoli to boost brainpower or some spinach to lift your mood – the list is endless…


4. Natural Yoghurt   

This snack will give you the boost you need to get you through until your next meal, but enable you to perform at your best. Great for protein, it will keep you fuller for longer. It is also wonderfully versatile, as you can add chunks of fresh fruit for a sweet kick or simply use it as a savoury dip for some delicious veggie crudités.


5.  A Simple Lemon   

The citric acid contained with a lemon is what is key here. Citric acid stimulates the production of digestive enzymes – this enables to body to digest food more effectively, leaving less prone to feeling bloated and tired. The body also uses energy on digestion, if this takes hours, that’s hours of energy being stolen! Simply squeeze into a glass of water or over your lunchtime salad – delicious.


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