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6 Ways To Beat The January Blues


With January well and truly here, for the majority of us it is back to normality. This is when the New Year’s Resolution really starts to be tested. The weather is wet and cold without the Christmas lights to warm the atmosphere, and the only daylight we seem to see is that 20 minutes you are able to tear yourself away from your desk or workplace.  Sound familiar?

Avoiding the January blues is achieved by maintaining momentum – this is usually down to achievable goals, realistic targets, and a healthy helping of self-motivation.

Your New Year’s resolution will be individual to you, but the tips and tricks that will make it easier for you to stay on the straight and narrow are useful across the board.

These tips will help you to feel good, which will mean that you will feel as motivated as possible and therefore more likely to succeed.


1. Comforting Healthy Eating

The winter months are known to be a heavy comfort eating period. Research has shown that the majority of us are emotional eaters hence reaching got the comfort food when feeling in need for a pick-me-up. In light of this:

  • Avoid starchy carbohydrates that have a high glycemic index. E.g. pasta, cakes and biscuits. They will soar your blood sugar, followed by plummeting it, leaving you feeling lethargic.
  • Choose complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. E.g. basmati rice, wholegrain cereals, rye bread, pulses and fresh fruit and vegetables. They will leave you feeling fuller for longer – this is because they are packed with energy boosting B Vitamins that release their sugars in the blood stream and a steady pace throughout the day.

We have 34 healthy comfort food dishes for to choose from – so take your pick by clicking here!


2. Boost Your Omega-3 Levels

It has been shown through research that Omega-3 helps to boost low moods, with the potential of helping to treat depression. If you feel positive and happy, it will be far easier for you to maintain motivation. Omega-3’s can be found in:

  • Oily fish
  • Walnuts
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Dark leafy green vegetables, i.e. spinach and kale

Click here and type your desired ingredients into the ‘keywords’ box to find our recipes that include them!


3. Keep Up The Exercise

Exercise is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, with many setting themselves goals to try something new or increase their usual exercise regime. Exercising will obviously help you to lose weight and also maintain your ideal weight, but it will also help you in every other aspect of your health and wellbeing. Exercise will help to maintain a positive outlook, releasing serotonin (the happy hormone) into the body. This surge of happiness will help to align all of your best intentions when it comes to getting your health and wellbeing on the straight and narrow.


4. Top Up Your Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been shown to boost mood and strengthen the immune system, although producing enough Vitamin D at this time of year can be more challenging than throughout summer. Our bodies produce Vitamin D when they are exposed to sunlight. However, throughout the winter months, it is fairly common for people to enter work when it is dark, and leave when it is once again dark, never seeing sunlight apart from perhaps through the office window. Because of this lack of sun exposure, it is important that we maintain healthy Vitamin D levels from other food sources. These include:

  • Oily fish, i.e. salmon, fresh tuna, mackerel and sardines
  • Dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Mushrooms


5. Success? Acknowledge it!

If you don’t acknowledge your successes by treating yourself, you are essentially making your healthy intentions laborious and miserable. You need to indulge in a little of what you love every now and then in order to strengthen your willpower. By allowing ourselves a little of what we love, we will be less likely to binge on those treats at a moment of weakness. Once you achieve a goal, reward yourself. This doesn’t mean bingeing on all of your favourite treats for hours on end, it means for example, if you are a chocoholic, allow yourself a square of your favourite chocolate. Savour your reward and look forward to having it again when you achieve your next goal.

If you have a moment of weakness? Don’t worry, and don’t beat yourself up. Rein in the weakness, accept it, move on and get back on track. The quicker you do this, the easier it will be.


6. Cut Your Goals Down To Size

Many of us are all full of momentous goals come the 1st of January, in the hope that we will achieve them in a matter of weeks. If a goal is unachievable, inevitably it will go unreached, leaving us feeling dejected and low – cue your moment of weakness! However, by breaking up a big goal into bite-sized chunks, i.e. losing 2lbs a week with the aim of losing 3 stone, then you are more likely to achieve it. You will also have a feeling of accomplishment on a weekly basis each time you achieve your bite-sized goal, which will spur you on to continue to reach the next one!


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