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A Healthy Workforce Leads To A Healthy Bottom Line


Britain’s Healthiest Company is the first initiative of its kind in the UK. The aim is to understand how healthy the nation’s workers really are.

Neville Koopowitz has recently written an interesting article in The Telegraph outlining the importance of having a healthy workforce and what you can achieve by doing so.

Koopowitz is the Chief Executive of Pruhealth, one of the collaborating businesses contributing towards Britains Healthiest Company. 

"Research suggests that almost 70 per cent of deaths can be directly attributed to poor lifestyle behaviours that result in the onset of chronic disease. With chronic diseases on the rise, it is inevitable that UK organisations will be affected by increasing absenteeism and lower productivity levels, with staff increasingly on sick leave or not performing optimally when at work.

It is therefore in companies’ own interests to play a role in encouraging workers to follow a healthy lifestyle. Britain’s Healthiest Company aims not only to celebrate those companies that are doing the best work in grappling with a truly global issue, but also to provide useful insights, recommendations and benchmarking information to assist in delivering a significant and sustained improvement in employee health and productivity.

Encouragingly, companies are increasingly recognising the link between a healthy workforce and a healthy bottom line. The best place to start this journey is to understand the current state of health of your workforce: you can’t manage something you can’t measure. If you have more than 50 employees, you can do this by completing the assessment that forms part of the entry process for the awards.

In order to be most effective, businesses need to focus on the full spectrum of wellness, the five key pillars of which are: health screening, smoking, nutrition, fitness and mental well-being. But there is no one-size-fits-all approach and the most important thing is to understand the specific needs of your business.

Whatever health and wellness measures a company puts in place, they shouldn’t be seen in isolation but as part of a coordinated strategy that offers something for everyone regardless of state of health or age. Ideally, it should be closely integrated with a health insurance plan. This integration provides a holistic approach to employee health management, ranging from prevention and health promotion through to helping those that are sick to get back to work.

Employees also have a part to play and in order to motivate them it works well if there is an incentive structure in place. You need to be smart about trying to change people’s behaviour, because that’s a hard thing to achieve, especially when dealing with complex lifestyle choices such as smoking and physical activity.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that people respond to different behavioural motivators and therefore an effective structure needs broad appeal, as well as being financially sustainable so that it can be continued over the long term.

Ultimately, the success of your strategy will depend very much on the culture of your organisation, starting at the very top.

In other words, if your senior management demonstrates an interest in your employees’ well-being, you stand a far greater chance of them engaging with your health programme."


Click here to discover the latest findings from Britain's Healthiest Company. 

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