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Anna Has Helped Me Change My Life


Here's another Distance Dieters success story, this time from Jen.

Distance Dieters Dieting Success StoryI had been overweight for a few years (size 20/22) and wanted to do something about it especially as I had just been prescribed with a third blood pressure tablet to add to my daily routine but I don't believe in diets and thought it would have to be all exercise, which I just didn't have time for. When I saw Anna do a presentation about Distance Dieters I knew I had found what I had been looking for. Anna was real and very pro normal healthy foods no fads. It was not about restricting your food intake, but more about making changes to what is eaten and when. It was good to know that the same concepts would also be used for people that needed to gain weight healthily or just needed to have enough energy through the day.

It was clear Anna totally understood the normal food craving patterns and had experience herself not the perfect angel most TV food experts appear to be! However, Anna is the perfect example of what I hoped to achieve: healthy and slim with amazing skin. I was even more encouraged when I discovered the whole thing could be done over the phone no public weigh in, just being treated like an adult.

I chose to do three rounds of the eight-week programme at the end of each there was absolutely no pressure to continue, but I was enjoying it so much it was an easy decision. After the first eight weeks I knew exactly how to manage my weight and could have chosen to go it alone, but I felt I needed that extra support of the weekly phone in.

Distance Dieters Successful DieterAnna tailored a programme for me I had a friend join the plan during my first eight weeks and we secretly compared our plans to see if they were really tailored...and they were! I had a lot more weight to lose so my programme was stricter.

The first week or two was a real adjustment to planning food for the day, but, before I knew it, it became second nature. I could enjoy all the fresh foods I liked and I could eat loads which is exactly what I needed to start with.

I looked forward to the weekly phone calls. Anna had a really warm approach, but she also knew exactly when to stop me making excuses, which I did really appreciate...after I put the phone down! Anna kept all the appointments made and kept them to time, so it fitted perfectly with my business. Writing the daily food diaries helped keep me on track I did chuckle when I'd had bits off the plan because I'd highlight them before emailing them, knowing Anna would spot them anyway.

I did choose to exercise through the plan sometimes Anna felt it was too much which I thought was amazing. I do now totally get that it's 80% about what goes in your mouth and 20% is down to exercise. I found the exercise just put me in the right place to stick with the plan, plus there was less time to sit and watch TV danger time for me with food!

During the 24 weeks I lost over four stone and stopped needing to be on any tablets for raised blood pressure. My clothes were a very comfortable size 14. I felt so much better and had so much more energy.

I always felt the test would be after finishing with the plan. It has been three months since I stopped my sessions with Anna and I've gone through a Christmas period a real test! Well all I can say is that I feel totally in control of my weight. I have kept to the main principles of the plan, but absolutely enjoy foods not on the plan! I just know I have to have a few days giving 100% to the plan principles if I've indulged. And...I have lost a further stone, wear size 11 jeans and feel amazing.

Anna has helped me change my life and given me the principles to help me stay slim and healthy for the rest of my life while still enjoying my food.

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