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Being Just 4lbs Overweight Can Increase Your Risk Of Heart Disease By 20%


An increase of just one BMI (Body Mass Index) point can raise heart disease risk by a fifth

Heart disease kills 82,000 Britons each year and numbers are rising
Recent research has proven that alarmingly, an increase of only one unit of BMI (body mass index), equivalent to 4 to 12lbs depending on height, increases the risk of heart disease by 20%

What can you do to prevent this from happening to you?


1.  Check out your BMI - ensure you are within the healthy range and if not then decide to do something about it.

2.  If you diet would benefit from an overhaul decide to give up processed foods and eat real foods.  Real foods are the foods that our grandparents would have eaten and they include meat and fish, vegetables and fruit.  By-pass most of the supermarket aisles and concentrate on making your purchases from the grocery counters and the fresh deli counter that runs along the rear of the store.

3.  By making changes to your diet you will be making the biggest changes to your health and wellbeing.

4.  Exercise: 5 X 30 minutes (minimum) each week.  This could be walking, swimming, cycling, visiting the gym, taking an exercise class  - simply brisk walking to and from the tube, bus, train station - this all counts as exercise.  However it is regular and consistent exercise that is key to improved health.

5.  Changing your food?  The easiest way to help yourself with this is to get organised and plan ahead.  Write out your weekly menu, including lunches and snacks that you will need for work.  From this menu create your shopping list and stock up on all the foods you will need.

6.  Best tip - give up processed foods of all kinds.  Processed foods increase the risk of heart disease, they are a phenomenon of the 70's and 80's and have stuck with us since then.  Processed foods are packed with ingredients that are unnatural for us and ingredients that are not our real fuel.  Processed foods are unhealthy and energy sapping.  Give them up and feel your energy and health begin to increase and improve almost immediately.

7.  If you think you would benefit from a health check by your health professional then get booked in and get sorted out.  You only have one life, make sure you live it to the full.

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