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Boost Employee Performance And Help Reduce Absenteeism


Boost employee performance and help reduce absenteeism with The Healthy Employee Online Healthy Eating Programmes. 

The Healthy Employee healthy eating initiatives are now available online with a landing page that can be branded for your company. View the THE landing page here!

Offering healthy eating education to your employees is a valuable addition to the wellbeing programme you currently offer or as part of your CSR.

How can healthy staff lead to a healthy bottom line?

When you walk into an office, you can sense whether it is a positive, healthy environment within minutes.   You can judge the vibrancy and energy generated from the people in the room. You can see and feel how people interact with one another, the team working together, the positive mental attitude towards each other and the business.

Whereas an unhealthy workplace always has a tangible heaviness, a feeling of deflation, a sluggishness and lethargy.

Many companies now recognise the benefit of having employees who are healthy and engaged. In the past, the most common way in which businesses encouraged their staff to lead healthier lives was by offering them health insurance or subsidised gym memberships. Whilst these initiatives appeal to some, they won’t necessarily appeal to all current or prospective employees. 

With this in mind, the aim of any corporate healthy eating programme should be to establish a flexible range of initiatives so there is something for everyone. Not only will this improve the job satisfaction of employees, reducing the likelihood of your staff wanting to leave, it will also appeal to prospective employees and enhance public perception of your brand sending out the message that your business really cares about its employees, not just as members of staff or as cogs in a wheel, but as individuals.


If you would like to find out more about how to implement our Online Healthy Eating Programmes within your business please call 0845 533 5302

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