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We will bring you up to the minute educational and informative articles and blog posts to inspire you about healthy eating and help you be energised, fit, healthy and productive both in your working and personal life.

  • 25.10.2017

    National Stress Awareness Day - 1st November

    Stress can take on many forms and can be caused by a multitude of things. For example; anxiety, depression, phobias, physical health, work and social life, personal life, self confidence and self esteem can all have a significant impact on our stress levels. More
  • 24.10.2017

    Recipe Of The Week - Bonfire Night Special

    You can’t go wrong with a recipe that allows you to chuck everything into one pot and let it simmer away on it’s own. Enjoy with friends and family as this one is delicious and should be shared! More
  • 19.10.2017

    Supporting Movember Through Healthy Living

    You may begin to see unusual and unexpected facial hair on men throughout November; this is a sign of support for Movember. Movember foundation’s aim is to raise awareness around 3 key areas of men’s health - prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health and suicide prevention. More
  • 18.10.2017

    How Can I Reduce My Risk Of Diabetes?

    1 in every 16 people in the UK has been diagnosed with diabetes – 90% of which have type 2 diabetes, which is predominantly associated with weight gain, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. 80% of type 2 diabetic cases are preventable – so what can you do to ensure that you don’t contribute to these statistics? More
  • 17.10.2017

    Recipe Of The Week - Halloween Special

    There's nothing better than being able to bung everything in the slow cooker, let it do it's thing, and return to a fully cooked and delicious meal! Give this one a try, it's creamy without having to feel guilty about it! More
  • 12.10.2017

    The Thai Eating Out Guide

    Below you will see our extensive ‘eating out’ guide. This is simply a rough guide as to which meal choices are to be avoided, savoured, or indulged in. We have concentrated on starters, mains and side dishes. This is because if you are choosing to have 2 courses, you should choose starter and main, rather than dessert. More
  • 11.10.2017

    Global Study Finds One In Five Deaths Linked To Poor Diet

    One of the biggest studies of it’s kind has released findings that 1 in 5 deaths are linked to an unhealthy diet, making it the leading risk factor of mortality. More
  • 10.10.2017

    Recipe Of The Week - Leftovers Breakfast

    Leftovers breakfast has two benefits - More
  • 05.10.2017

    Foods To Eat In October

    Food To Eat In October More
  • 04.10.2017

    Does your BMI accurately reflect your level of health?

    Statistics have shown that 60% of adults in the UK have a BMI that puts them in the overweight or obese category. Being overweight or obese carries increased risk of developing a range of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. However, could your BMI be an accurate representation of your current health? More

How The Healthy Employee meets the NICE Guidelines

The Healthy Employee supports the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence guidelines.


National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) 2006.

  1. The Healthy Employee is a registered NICE stakeholder for 'Workplace Policy and Management Practises to Improve the Health of Employees' - the guidelines for this are due to be available in 2015. As a stakeholder it is our job to feed relevant information and recommendations into the process.
  2. Clinical Guidance 43 - Obesity
  3. Clinical Guidance 6 - Behaviour Change
  4. Public Health Guidance 2 - Four Commonly Used Methods to Increase Physical Activity
  5. Public Health Guidance 13 - Promoting Physical Activity in the Workplace
  6. Public Health Guidance 25 - Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
  7. Public Health Guidance 35 - Preventing Type 2 Diabetes
  8. Public Health Guidance 41 - Walking and Cycling


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NHS resources are under strain like never before as it cuts spending by £20 billion by 2015¹, waiting times for consultations & treatment are rising fast. As PMI costs continue to increase companies are looking for a different and affordable ways of providing fast access to treatment. SMQ specialises in Health insurance & is currently helping over 1000 companies to find the best value cover for their needs. Our service is FREE (we are remunerated by the insurance industry). Please call/email our friendly helpful team and see how we can reduce your costs or set up a cost effective policy for your staff from as little as £1/week.


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