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Comfort Food With All Of The Satisfaction And None Of The Guilt


National Comfort Food Day is 5th December and so we thought it was a great time to bring to the forefront that comfort food doesn't need to be heavy. 

Comfort foods are often thought of as being a treat, lethargy causing or possibly even something to feel guilty about. However, there are plenty of comforting foods and dishes that you can consume guilt free, leaving you feeling totally satisfied and without the low mood.

The following 3 meals are typical dishes that we associate with comfort food, but with some minor tweaks, enabling you to feel full of energy. You may be surprised by which you prefer!

  1. Roast Dinner – With Winter well and truly upon us, slow cooked meals are a thing of heaven. A large cut of meat with fresh veg, topped with with water or stock. Simply pop it all in the slow cooker and forget about it until the end of the day. Or heat your oven to 163 degrees Celsius , put all of your ingredients in a heavy based pot with a lid and put in the oven until the meat is tender and veggies are soft (this will take a few hours – allowing you to get on with your day and return to a delicious meal that tastes like it’s be slaved over for hours).
  2. Steak sandwich – Be sure to choose a lean cut of steak for your sandwich and avoid processed sauces such as tomato ketchup. Replace the stodgy bread with a wholemeal pitta, simply cut in half to make 2 neat pockets for your filling. In place of the red sauce, flavour your sandwich with guacamole of salsa, or chop up a fresh chilli if you’re feeling brave! Finally finish it off by stuffing your pitta full of mixed salad leaves – delicious!  
  3. Shepherds Pie – An old fashioned family favourite. We propose a few simple changes that will turn this meal into something you can dive into regularly without feeling bloated and heavy. Start by swapping the mashed potato for mashed sweet potato. Ditch the onions, peas and carrots and trade them in for a pile of collard greens. Finally exchange the lamb mince for turkey mince and finish the meal off my garnishing in parsley rather than cheese. This changes will still make this dish equally as satisfying and filling – honestly!


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