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Commuting Means An Extra 800 Calories Per Week For Some


A report recently carried out by the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) states that commuters can consume an extra 800 calories per week on their way to and from work.

24 million people in England and Wales commute to work, with an average round trip of 56 minutes.

The report has shown that time spent commuting is putting traveller’s health at risk. Travelling by train, car or bus has been shown to increase blood pressure, BMI and stress.


This means that many are reaching for quick, high sugar and high comfort snacks to combat the emotions that often go hand in hand with the daily commute.

RSPH have expressed their concern over the availability of fast food snacks and meals versus the limited choices for healthy and energy boosting food choices. Poor food choices are both tempting, and frequently the only available option, making the daily baguette and packet of crisps habitual and underestimated.


The study that focused on 1500 participants showed that:

  • 58% felt that more flexible working hours would improve their health
  • 40% spent less time exercising than they would like
  • 40% slept less than recommended
  • 38% spent less time preparing healthy meals
  • 33% increased their consumption of unhealthy snacks
  • 29% purchase a fast food meal on the commute home


Much of this report may not surprise you. But this just might…

An extra 800 calories per week equates to 36000 calories throughout the working year.

This is a weight gain of approximately 10.2lb.

And let’s not forget that the remaining weeks throughout the year are spent away on holiday, or at home enjoying the festive season. In other words, there is generally no let up when it comes to calorie intake.


With that in mind, here are some healthy snacks suggestions that will keep you going throughout the day and not shoot you over your calories quota.  The key is to get organised and take them along with you. 

  1. Homemade smoothie – see our smoothie choices here
  2. Small handful of nuts
  3. Hummus with veggies crudités
  4. Piece of fruit such as an apple, pear, banana, peach etc.
  5. Fruit salad – chop up some exotic fruit such an mango, papaya, melon, passion fruit etc
  6. Oatcakes with almond butter


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