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Cyclists - Fuel Up For Energy And Performance!


How to get the most from your fuel

If you are a regular cyclist you may find you lack energy when you are half way through a race or event and then feel the adverse effects for a few days following. We aim to give you sound knowledge to improve your energy and maximise your performance on the day.


There is a great deal of mythology about what to eat to support exercise. You read in the press, online and in books and magazine that we require large quantities of dense carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and potatoes to support energy when exercising. This is false information. Consuming these foods in large quantities will create tiredness, lethargy and bloating, the reverse of what you are aiming to achieve.


This is how to fuel up

To gain the most bang for your buck in terms of energy release all you need to do is balance your protein with your carbs for all your meals and snacks. Protein helps to promote the release of carbohydrate and energise you effectively for exercise. Carbohydrates when consumed on their own only serve to make you tired and your exercise less effective.


To maximise your energy it is important to avoid all processed foods as these contain a high sugar content (often hidden sugars), and will provide you with a short term energy high followed rapidly by an energy low.  Concentrate instead on real foods, plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.


Pre and post exercise fuelling

For effective energy both pre and post your race or event follow our meal and snack suggestions below:

In the week leading up to your race/event eat three meals, two healthy snacks and drink 3 litres of water each day. Include plenty of fruit, vegetables and lean protein.

To maximise your energy reserves include the following in your main meals;

60% dark green leafy vegetables – ensure this is a mountain on your plate

20% potatoes, rice, pasta, bread – ensure this is a small portion

20% lean protein, for example chicken, turkey, fish – ensure your protein sits roughly in the palm of your hand


On the day – Main meal and snack suggestions

Three hours prior to your event eat a large bowl of porridge topped with nuts and seeds, stir in a couple of tablespoons of natural yoghurt plus include a Spanish omelette and a pint of water.

With an hour to go enjoy a couple of pieces of fruit, this could be a banana and an apple plus some low fat hard cheese. Babybel lite, in the blue wax jacket, is helpful and hydrate with diluted cordial.

For snacks to keep you fuelled up:

These suggestions will provide you with a balance of protein and carbohydrates to help you release your stored energy

Diluted cordial plus a protein shake - the balance of carbs in your cordial and protein in your shake will help to keep you energised.
Nuts and mixed dried fruit - The monounsaturated fat and protein within the nuts and carbohydrate within the dried fruit will keep you going.
Oat cakes and low fat hard cheese - The combination of carbohydrates within the oatcakes and protein within the cheese will keep you energised.

After your event enjoy a large meal containing low fat protein and carbohydrates.  Once again make use of the percentages above and include plenty of water to rehydrate.

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