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Deja Vu?


So after negotiating celebrations, business lunches and all round temptation, I've shaved off 4lbs, which takes me right back to my pre-Glastonbury weight.

Mixed bag of emotions for this one - obviously 4lbs is a great achievement and Anna rightly questioned why I merely sounded content with the loss. Thinking about it, I suppose it's partly because I couldn't quite shift that extra pound I was tasked to lose and partly because, on paper, I'm the same weight I was a fortnight ago. I should have moved on by now! What's frustrating is that I do feel trimmer than I did at this weight before - I even got the measuring tape out and, sure enough, I have lost more inches. So that pesky pound is only hanging around on the scales, not on my hips (hopefully).

After analyzing my food diary with Anna, it would seem that the one additional glass of wine I had in the week could have been the reason for the extra pound sticking around. It's galling to have been 'good' all week and have one extra treat knock motivation. But 4lbs is a good result, and this is a timely reminder that there are no short cuts to getting the weight off. Stick to the plan or be prepared for the consequences!

Another 4lb target for next week...

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