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Do I Need To Read Labels On Food?


Food labels; confusing aren't they!  And you do not need to read them and here is why - we recommend you buy real food and real food does not come with a label containing its list of ingredients. In fact the longer the list of ingredients on the label the less healthy the food is.

Real food is food that has two legs, four legs, flies, swims or grows. Anything with a label is generally processed and processed food is unhealthy. It's that simple. Choose the real stuff instead.


This is why you do not need to read labels on food:

  • Because only processed foods have labels
  • Because choosing real food is your natural food and is good for you
  • Because processed foods make you ill and can give you heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and certain cancers
  • Because processed food makes you tired and irritable
  • Because when you choose to eat real food you will feel great - energised, switched on, alert and alive


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