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Don’t Let Your Health And Wellbeing Suffer In Winter


With dark nights drawing in, our lifestyles begin to mirror this shifting pattern. Life becomes more enclosed at all too easily revolves around work and daily duties, with the main focus becoming about getting home and settled for the evening before it is pitch black.

This habitual hibernation will likely decrease our physical activity, increase our intake of stodgy, comforting meals – leading to a high likelihood of weight gain. The lack of daylight and sunshine will also begin to test your mood, energy levels, and increase feelings of lethargy.

It is not rocket science to therefore realise that taking conscious action is vital in maintaining your health, happiness and wellbeing. This is not least because 75% of us are emotional eaters, carrying a risk of entering into a spiral of eating to feel happier, feeling worse because you’ve eaten then wrong thing, and so on.

Adjusting your lifestyle to the change in seasons is imperitive – you wouldn’t expect the same fruits and veg to be on the shelves in December as you would in July? So why would the same habits and lifestyle suit this opposing months?


Here are 4 simple alterations you can make to your lifestyle to encourage emotional stability, weight maintenance and health and wellness:


1. Refresh your exercise routine:

Perhaps you found your 6am jog to be exactly what you needed to give your day a kick-start? Not particularly feasible when it is dark and icy. Maybe exercise was something you struggled to enjoy in the warmer months so thinking about your next exercise session seems highly unappealing when all you want to do bunker down in front of the fire. If you enjoy exercising outdoors regardless of the temperatures, then perhaps consider rearranging your schedule to accommodate the hours of daylight available? If that isn’t possible, consider a different form of exercise such as gym classes. Many offer a variety of disciplines to fit different interests and schedules. Exercise will get your body moving and your serotonin levels lifted, leaving you feeling happier, fitter and more energised.


2. Eat REAL food:

Avoid all processed foods and stick to real ingredients. We have a category within our recipe pages to fit this time of year perfectly, so why not try something from our Healthy Comfort Food category.


3. Keep your curtains open:

Work with what little daylight we seem to experience during these dark months. Keep your bedroom curtains open throughout the night to give the slow rising daylight chance to wake you up naturally. This natural alarm clock is far kinder to your health and wellbeing than the immediacy of an alarm clock ringing out.


4. Be kind to yourself:

Don’t forget that a feeling of lethargy and lowness is natural at this time of year. Fight against it as best you can by making small, proactive changes. By taking the bite-sized approach you will have far more chance of enabling your mindset to keep up with your expectations, encouraging a happier and healthier outlook throughout the hibernation period. 


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