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Easter Excess? Simple Steps To Get Back On Track


With chocolate seemingly in view every couple of steps throughout the Easter season, it is all too easy to go overboard on the indulgence. 


But fear not, getting back on track is simple if you follow these straightforward steps:




  • Set A Deadline

There is nothing wrong with indulging in the things you love. Food is a huge part of our lives and is something we should enjoy. However, if our enjoyment causes weight gain, it is important to set yourself an indulgence period that you can stick to. This way there will be no guilt over that time period, and you can hop straight back on the wagon once you have reached your deadline. This means you can eat the things you love, but still remain in control. For example, you may decide to indulge from Good Friday to Easter Monday and then get back to healthy eating on Tuesday.


  • Be Mindful

Being mindful of what you are buying as well as eating and drinking is simple but very important. Ask yourself if you need to buy that extra box of chocolates or drink that other bottle of wine. Having some is fine, but overdoing it is easily done unless we become conscious and mindful of what we are consuming. This was you may only put a lb or two on instead of a 5lb weight gain that leaves you flabbergasted.


  • Avoid Grazing

Eating the things you love doesn’t mean it opens you up to a world of constant mouthfuls of food here and there. This is where being mindful comes in. Stick to your 3 meals a day, and have a couple of treats each day instead of having the odd handful throughout the day as this quickly adds up. You will also not savour these treats!


  • Get Rid Of Leftover Treats

If you have any treats remaining, give them to someone who wants them. If not, bin them. If you have them lying around, you may sabotage yourself, and if your will power is strong enough, is it really worth the temptation anyway?


  • Be Firm With Yourself

Once your 'deadline’ has arrived, be firm with yourself. Sticking with your deadline will fill you with self-confidence as you have taken control, even by having those sweet treats!


  • Plan and Organise

Once you get to your ‘deadline’ and are getting back on track with your healthy eating, ensure that your cupboards and fridge are fully stocked with healthy food. Having this to hand will make getting back on the straight and narrow that much easier.


If you follow these 6 top tips, you will not only find it far easier to get back on board with your healthy eating, but you will also have enjoyed your food with some indulgences and not be plagued by guilt. 


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