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Emma: Monday, 22 June 2009


Monday, 22 June 2009

Phone Call: 2

So - with a full week in the bag, a quick 20min early phone call ensued (OK most of that was my gassing about all things non-diet) but we're on track - all is well - predicted 3-4lbs loss max next week (tho I am away Fri-Mon so this will be a challenge sticking to it when we're being catered for - but like a grown adult I have called ahead and checked the meals and organised I will provide my own lunches to steer clear of the crisps, crusty loaves and sandwich fillers....)
Was delighted to hear that my "naughty" cashews were in fact OK, and the champers was, and I quote this: "totally acceptable" (NEVER before have I entered a new diet regime whereby Champagne was deemed "totally acceptable" AND I lost weight - it just gets better and better...). The Yorkshire Pud (it was tiny, I swear) had a frown but so long as I don't gorge on them every Sunday this got a waivering thumbs up too... so I've actually been better than I thought...

Thing is, usually when told what to do I do the opposite and naturally this follows with food and in turn I crave the prohibited list until it is a matter of life or death that I give in and take onboard what my body "needs". But this week - I swear I haven't. Maybe it's because it's week one, and I'm full of oomph and enjoying being smug watching others pour fat into themselves... On Saturday I was offered some Fruit and Nut... this aside bubbly or Chablis is number one arch enemy and you know what - I had one chunk and it tasted vile..... I so need to sit with this memory. Maybe my poor body is so used to all or nothing diets my taste-buds have reverted at supersonic speed. All good... all good....!

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