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Emma: Monday, 29 June 2009


Monday, 29 June 2009

Cliffs, Wheels, Paddles and, oh yes... the diet....

So, safely home after a Welsh weekend clinging to cliff faces, paddling lakes and biking for England.... totally not my usual style but it pushed a few boundaries and was immense fun.
Was rather saddened to stand on the scales though and realise I had only lost 1.5lbs (yes the half is very important) over the last week, especially considering I had been super-duper good over what I knew would be a hard weekend where we were catered for and had spurned the Pringles, chocolate, and had my own bespoke lunches to avoid the sarnies and crisps and, oh my, mini Snickers and Mars Bars. Dinners were the same - I bowed away from the bubbling potato gratin, I shunned the burger rolls at the forest BBQ and I hid under the breakfast table when the toast and cereal was being scooped into the hungry team around me...

But the ultimate is thus: just imagine risking life and limb, dangling from a rope, whole body shaking from the pumping adrenaline and shaking your head at a mini Mars once you reach the top and instead open your tuck box to munch on a Nairns and Babybel - that Dear Reader I believe is dedication at it's utmost!!! .

I personally blame the poor loss on water retention from the current heatwave and the fact I must have sprouted extra muscles (it weighs so much more than fat etc etc) over the weekend... anyhow, have sent my diet sheet, weights and measurements over to Anna to dissect....

But being positive, having lost almost (albeit a measly pound) half a stone there was a lot less of me meaning horrendous photos such as the below would have been a LOT worse AND there would have been a good 3 extra bags of sugar spread across my lower half to haul up with my poor little arms...
So - this is what we're looking at then:
* Weight loss: 1.5lbs (Total: 6.5lbs) * BMI: Has reduced from 26.8 to 25.8
* Measurements: lost 2 inches from bust, 1 inch from waist and half an inch from love handles... hips have remained the same which is a worry that my upper body is shrinking and it's simply sliping down a few inches to the, er, let's say problem areas belly button and below.... Will discusss all this in the email convo tomorrow...
So from week 0, last week and today....

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