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Emma: Monday, 3 August 2009


Monday, 3 August 2009

Week 8: Compare the difference - Final Weights and Measures....

So - final weigh in for Distance Dieters. It has been a zany week with every second filled with preparations for the lead up to the Burwarton and Canwell shows on Thursday and yesterday, juggled with hospital visiting, and the usual tying up of loose ends of the day job so we can escape on hol's in a couple of hours... However, food wise I juggled it pretty well though my halo did slip a tad for a celebratory drink on Thur, Friday and, erm Saturday....
Yesterdays show in particular was non-stop and we were on the go for 15 hours and for the first time shunned my pre-packed breakfast for the pervading mouth watering smell of a handmade scotch egg from a stall near by - and as it was so good preceeded to then swap my mackaral lunch for their duck egg wrapped in Black Forest Ham variety. It wasn't utterly bad but it was a treat, I was working hard and the taste will remain with me a long time!

Now, the one thing I have found with this plan compared to others (believe me - there have been many) is I honestly haven't perceived this as a diet. As cliched and corny as it sounds I really do perceive this simply as an education and retraining of my eating habits and with this new outlook you don't feel a failure if you are slightly naughty or slip up.... it just means being a bit more careful the following few days to counteract it - and it works. I have the proof! as does indeed anyone looking at this can see: I have eaten out, I have had dinner parties, I have had the odd binge night on the fizz, I have had the odd bar of chocolate and copious amounts of cashews AND I have still lost weight - PAINLESSLY..... but, balancing things up, I no longer have a glass of wine or fizz every night which frankly had become a bad habit to segregate the work day from the evening (or indeed to help make the work-evening more palatable...)., nor do I have a slice of cake whenever there is an opportunity (or indeed create opportunities of meeting clients at cake-o'clock time!) yet it is ok to give yourself permission for odd things so long as you do counteract them - my main lesson from the past two months however is these treats won't be perhaps as often as they maybe were life pre-DD!

* Evolution from Week 0 to today, Week 8:-

Week 0: Today:

or like this......:-

* Weight loss:

This week: 2 lbs (Total: 1 stone 2lbs)

* BMI: Has reduced from 26.8 to 24.1

* Measurements:

Chest: Week 0: 36" Today: 33" (Total loss 3" ) Waist: Week 0: 31" Today: 26" (Total loss: 5" ) Love Handles: Week 0: 40" Today: 35" (Total loss: 5") Hips/saddle bags: Week 0: 44" Today: 39" (Total loss: 5")

Meaning a total Inches Lost: 18 inches and 1 stone 2lbs....

Am escaping off for the week now but new habits and ways of going about things will be nurtured.... final Distance Dieters review call on my return so will report back then - hopefully having that in the back of my mind will help me from going completely mad during the week ahead. Besides, there's still a way to go weight wise and I don't want to undo those 18 inches!

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