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Ensure You Succeed This Lent, February 10th - March 24th


Considered an important period of the Christian calendar, Lent lasts for 40 days, starting on Ash Wednesday, February 10th. Throughout this festival, many people will fast and others will temporarily give up certain luxuries.


With this in mind, Lent is a great opportunity to give up something you overindulge in, be it your favourite food or drink, this may only be with the intention of the Lenten period, but it may be for good!

A healthy diet and lifestyle is simply a change of habits, but they take time to ingrain. Use Lent as your starting point as 6 weeks is just about the right amount of time to set new habits in place.


Some common foods and drinks people quit – the how to:



Coffee is something many people rely on when it comes to maintaining your desired energy level throughout the day and giving you that kick first thing in the morning. Giving you the best chance of quitting the coffee is by lining up a replacement. Every time you go to boil that kettle, simply reach for your alternative drink of choice. We have a range of drink ideas here that can be consumed hot or cold. 

If you do go back to drinking coffee once Lent is over, remember that 4 cups of coffee a day is the recommended maximum daily intake.


Office Snacks

We realise that this is a broad spectrum, however, unhealthy snacking in the office is a downfall of so many, and this can be attributed to a range of different foods. For example birthday cake seems to make a daily appearance, and failing that, the vending machine is always humming away in the background. Once again, this is about changing daily habits. There is nothing wrong with snacking, as long as you snack on healthy foods most of the time. Want to know the best foods to fuel up with between meals? Read our blog here.

We also have 5 desk essentials for you to arm yourself with in order to achieve success every week – here.



Chocolate is often linked to emotional eating. Research has shown that approximately 75% of us are emotional eaters – that’s a lot of chocolate! When you get that chocolate craving, write down how you are feeling, and soon you may be able to recognize what situations and emotions make you crave something sweet and you will be able to tackle this head-on. Once lent is over, it may be worth swapping to good quality dark chocolate, with at least 70% cocoa. Put yourself back in charge, change your habit to having one square of dark chocolate each day, and truly savour it.



This one is a toughie, but to help convince you that going cold turkey when it comes to booze will do you the world of good, click here.


Perhaps your food or drink of choice isn’t listed above, but the same rules apply throughout. In order to soften the hardest of cravings, plan ahead, and replace your food or drink with a healthy alternative.

Arm yourself with a many alternative choices to avoid slipping back into old habits. We have so many recipes for you to choose from – click here to view our full selection. 


The very best of luck on your healthy endeavour! 


To help energise, engage and motivate staff our Power Up & Motivate With Positive Nutrition Workplace Wellbeing Initiatives can be helpful. To find out more call Anna Mason on 07778 218009 for an obligation free conversation.

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