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Five Secrets Of Weight Maintenance


The world can often seem as though it is divided into two tribes: those who gain weight just by looking at a piece of chocolate and those who manage to stay slim without dieting.

However, this is rarely truthful. Staying slim isn’t about dieting, but about weight maintenance – having those treats but keeping an eye the small details.



Here are five helpful ways to approach weight maintenance:

  1. Choose your treats wisely and sparingly. By being sparing with your treats, you are bound to savour and enjoy them that much more. This infrequency will also aid your quest to remaining your ideal weight.
  2. When you go out for a meal, there are a couple of simple changes you can make to ensure you don’t fall off the rails in one evening. Order an extra portion of veg or salad – the standard portions are miniscule and not your recommended amount. Also, focus on the company you’re with rather than the food, concentrate on your conversation, this way, you will eat more slowly, giving your body chance to register that it is full rather than demolishing your meal in one swift blow. And finally, if you order a pudding, share it.
  3. Avoid low fat and ‘diet’ food items. On the surface these products may sound tempting, perhaps even a good idea. But if it isn’t naturally low in fat, this means that it has been processed to become so. Processed foods contain all sorts of other nasties – sugar, preservatives, chemicals..... Just don’t go there!
  4. Ensure you get a good night’s sleep. According to a study published in the Sleep Journal, regularly getting fewer hours sleep is associated with an increased BMI.
  5. Weigh yourself once a week. (Use the same scales, at the same time of day and wearing the same clothes). Your weight can only change so much in the space of a week. So if you have gained or lost a few lbs, it is easy to do something about it. There is no mountain to climb, and this time next week, you’ll be back to your ideal weight. Ta-da!


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