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Food Tweaks That Will Make The World Of Difference


Having a balanced diet based on real and whole foods doesn’t mean you can’t have your favourite meals. Often it is simply a case of making a couple of small tweaks in order to regain the nutritional balance, maintain your body weight with ease, and avoid a slump in energy after a heavy meal.

This means that you needn’t deny yourself, food is for enjoying after all!


The following are a number of tweaks to popular and easy family meals:


If you are including meat, include lean cuts and bulk out with extra vegetables.



Be sure to use low fat mince, e.g. 5% fat. Alternatively, swap the beef altogether for chicken or turkey mince – you’ll hardly notice any difference in taste! To increase the fibre content, bulk your meal out with extra beans and vegetables. Also use brown rice rather than white, the nutty flavour will add an extra element to your meal. This will help you to feel fuller for longer and mean that you won’t be drawn in to extra rice, or garlic bread if it’s on offer. 


Indian Curry

Indian curries can be an incredibly healthy option. This is another dish that can be bulked out with veg, making it extra filling and cheaper than usual. If you usually make a creamy curry, try swapping your cream or crème fraiche portion for some low-fat natural yoghurt, this could even be Greek yoghurt as it will boost the protein content and make it thick and creamy. Once again, cook with brown rice and avoid naan breads, chapatis  and poppadoms. 


Tray Bake

If you are doing a tray bake of roast potatoes with a joint of meat, swap for alternative root vegetables such as sweet potato, beetroot, parsnip and include squashes too.  These all provide you with more fibre and B vitamins than the more usual white potatoes. The sugars within the roots will caramelise, making for a delicious sweet taste and crunchy texture. 


Thai Curry

If you are keen on Thai curries, this can easily be tweaked to make it both extra delicious and healthy. Swap your chicken for a low-fat protein source such as tofu or prawns. Tofu has a tendency to be quite bland on many occasions, but take advantage of all the flavours it’ll soak up and go meat free for the evening! Swap your normal coconut milk for low-fat coconut milk, overload with veggies and swap white rice for brown. 


Traditional Oats

Trade in your instant oats for traditional oats. Traditional porridge will keep you feeling fuller for longer plus you control any added extras you pop in. The same cannot be said for the instant porridge oats! Swap any sugar-loaded toppings (e.g. honey, jam) for some chopped or grated fresh fruit such as pear or pineapple. Perhaps add a sprinkling of cinnamon and a few chopped nuts for a boost of sweetness and protein. 


Wraps & Pittas

Ditch the sandwiches and baguettes at lunchtime and replace with brown wraps or pittas. Include some lean protein such as turkey, chicken, or perhaps try some fish such as tuna or salmon. Stuff full with salad and salad vegetables. For sauces try adding some salsa or guacamole for a nice kick. Alternatively, you could cook up a large batch of vegetable soup and split it into portions before putting in the freezer. Include plenty of vegetables, beans and lentils for a variety of flavour and texture along with fibre and protein. This will be incredibly filling, and therefore you can skip the bread roll altogether. 


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