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Foods To Eat In April


April has arrived, which means only one thing - a further variety of foods are now coming into season!

Why should you eat in season foods?

  • You will gain better nutrition
  • It makes environmental sense
  • You will save money
  • Everything will taste better



For a more in depth explanation as to why eating in season foods is the way to go – click here.  However firstly, have a look at the fruits, vegetables, meat, game, fish and seafood below.



Banana              Grapefruit              Pomegranate              Rhubarb         



Cabbage               Cauliflower               Celeriac           Lettuce   

New Potato          Onion                        Pak Choi          Pepper   

Potato               Purple Sprouting      Radicchio         Radish   

Sweet Potato      Sorrel                     Spinach            Spring Onion   



Meat and Game

Beef                Chicken              Lamb              Pork       


Fish and Seafood

Cod              Crab             Halibut              Oyster   



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