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Four Everyday Foods That Are Secretly Loaded With Sugar


The World Health Organisation is urging people to cut down on the amount of sugar they consume each day to between 25 and 50 grams. This highlighted figure means that it is becoming ever more frequent that people are commonly consuming too much sugar than is healthy.

In some respects, this isn't surprisingly as there is a lot of mystery and confusion surrounding ingredients and nutritional information within food products.


Below we have 4 everyday foods that are loaded with sugar – and you just might not know it!


1. Salad Dressing

Choosing to munch on a salad instead of a heavy sandwich over lunch may seem like a wise choice on the surface. However, it is worth noting that the dressings included within some salads are essentially liquid sugar. Check the ingredients list when picking up a takeaway salad, sometimes the dressings come in a separate pot which makes life easy as you can then control how much you do or don’t have.

The same goes for the large bottles of salad dressings – hidden nasties are swimming around in many of them. Instead, try sprizting some balsamic vinegar over your salad, or make your own dressing from scratch. They are easy, cheap and you know exactly what is in them! We have numerous delicious salad dressing recipes here for you to try:


2. Yoghurt

All yoghurts contain a certain amount of sugar due to the dairy within them. However, when it comes to fruit flavoured yoghurts, many companies add piles of sweeteners and additives in an attempt to boost the taste.

It would be far more beneficial for your health, wellbeing and bank balance if you simply purchase a tub of natural yoghurt - this means that there will not be a list of ingredients as long as your arm. Add some sweetness and extra flavour by including some fresh fruit such as raspberries or pineapple, and a small handful of seeds or nuts of your choice. For an extra boost of protein, opt for natural Greek yoghurt.


3. Soup

Soup is an excellent and versatile dish to rely on in many circumstances, such as an easy take to work lunch, or a light bite for your evening meal if you’ve had a midday meal. It can made up in large batches and frozen for your next necessary soup eating occasion. However, when it comes to canned Heinz tomato soup, 1 can contains 21.5g of sugar. These cans serve two people, however, we would assume that if you were having half a can, that you are probably a small child or an elderly person. This small portion wouldn’t fill you up, nor would it provide any sustenance in order to get you through until your next snack or meal.

We have a huge range of homemade soups that take next to time and cost next to nothing too!


4. Cereal

With some cereals, it’s obvious that they are loaded with sugar, although we still probably underestimate quite how much. Cereal such as Kelloggs Frosties contain 26g of sugar per 30g serving – that’s 87% sugars, unquestionably not a great start to your day! However, probably far more unexpected is the sugar contained within ‘healthy’ cereals. Take Kelloggs Special K, Low Fat Granola as an example. A single serving of 52g, contains 39g of sugar – that means that 75% of your bowl of ‘healthy’ cereal, is sugar. Assuming you are eating the correct recommended amount, you are already level with your sugar quota for the day, and you haven’t even walked out the front door yet. We’ll just let this information sink in for a moment..

Now think, when have you been full from a bowl of cereal? We’re confident to hedge our bets on never. The surge of sugar will overload you will energy, and very rapidly leave you feeling hungry and lethargic – just in time for you to arrive at the office. And secondly, do you know that you are actually eating a single serving? 30g of Kelloggs Frosties is a minute serving, and would be an amount you would probably feed a small child. 

To get the best start to your day, we have many delicious and balanced breakfast recipes that will see you comfortable through until your next snack or meal.

Why not try;


You may not be surprised by some of the sugar content included in these foods. However, it is there, and it can be avoided, and not only that, it can be avoided cheaply and easily. Try out our recipes by clicking on the links provided to see for yourself just how simple it is – and how much more fulfilling and delicious real food is, we promise you’ll notice a difference in your bank balance, contentment and mood. 


Recent studies have found that sugar is the main culprit when it comes to high blood pressure - read more here.

The one simple change you can make today that will help you to live a longer life. 

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