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Give Yourself The Upper Hand To Combat The Bulge


In order to give yourself the immediate upper hand when battling to lose excess weight, you simply plan your meals in advance.

When walking into the supermarket with no plan for your meals in the week ahead, you are directly facing the strength of your willpower – a battle you are likely to lose.




So why not make it far easier for yourself and plan exactly what you are going to be eating throughout the coming week? By making a list before you do your food shop, it makes it far easier to stick to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Psychologist Christine Godinho states that, ‘the key to success is planning and motivation’. Studies have shown that by filling up on healthy foods, you will be less tempted to eat fatty and processed snacks.

Researchers from a range of universities studied more than 200 individuals. It was shown that people who plan in advance how to get their five-a-day were more likely to succeed in eating healthily.

Godinho stated that ‘Planning menus or taking fruit to the workplace are examples of strategies some people use. Planning is a psychological process that helps people to make the right choices..’  She added, ‘…eating more fruit and vegetables had been proven to keep weight down partly because it replaced less healthy food.’


Perhaps it would be helpful for you to keep a food and exercise diary for a number of weeks to truly understand where you may be going wrong, your habits may surprise you! To download our food and exercise diary, click here.

We have a ready made shopping list and food planner for you to simply download and print out. Just click here.

Maybe you’re a little confused about which foods could be hindering your weight loss? We have a food checklist available to ensure you have all the information you need to stay on track with your weight loss. Simply click here to download it.


For more information and advice on healthy eating initiatives for business simply call us on 0845 533 5302.

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