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Health And Safety Week 2016


We firmly believe in the support of Health and Safety Week by aspiring to create as healthier team of employees and employers as possible. 

The food with which we choose to fuel ourselves with has a direct reflection on our energy, performance, concentration and mental capacity, which in turn can have a severely negative and potentially dangerous affect on the health and safety of a company and working environment.

This year we are at the Safety & Health Expo at the Excel in London to boost awareness of the importance of nutrition in the workplace. 


It is not widely recognised that our food choices could play a huge role in the health and safety of our environment - or lack thereof! 

A balanced diet consisting of all of the energy, vitamins and nutrients you need will mean that you are alert, productive and aware - leading to a lesser likelihood of accidents and injuries. Feeding your brain and body is paramount in ensuring workplace safety - our employee nutrition services offer a range of opportunities that fit seamlessly into any workplace environment. 

Recognising and positively influencing the role that health food choices play within the health and safety of your team will enable your business to become safety, healthier, more productive and happier. 

View our range of Employee Nutrition Services here.


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