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Healthy Christmas Snacking Made Easy


Christmas is just around the corner, which means that both excitement and panic is building, thus, your health and wellbeing takes a backseat.

With hours disappearing at the rate of seconds and your to-do list building faster than you thought possible, it is all the more reason to ensure your health and wellbeing is in tip-top shape in order to be at your most productive and efficient.


This is where healthy snacking plays a vital role. Making the right snack choices between balanced meals will ensure that your energy levels remain at a constant and your blood sugar level is balanced – enabling you to get more done and enjoy it along the way! Processed foods are laden with salt, fat and sugar and give you little in the way of nutrition or sustained energy.

Ensuring a smooth run up to Christmas will be made that much easier with the following snack suggestions. Create our recipes directly or if you’re feeling really creative, use them simply as inspiration!


Chia, Berry & Spinach Smoothie


Vegetable Crudités with Avocado Salsa


Quick Salmon Mousse



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