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Healthy Eating Advice Has To Be Based On The Best Evidence


Everybody knows that eating a healthy and balanced diet is beneficial to health and wellbeing, but it is important that the details of which are based on the best and most reliable evidence.

The Healthy Employee provides only evidence based advice and material, with all of our products and services being approved by our in-house dietitian (the only statutorily regulated body for food/eating advice).

There is much misinformation when it comes to what we should and shouldn’t be eating and in what amounts. From saturated fats to added sugar – the inconsistent nutritional advice can make seeing the wood through the trees near impossible.

With rising levels of obesity across the country, one of the biggest challenges we have as a nation is conveying a clear, concise and accurate reflection of what constitutes as a healthy and balanced diet.

Our most recent evidence based dietary advice is reflected in the Eatwell Guide created by Public Health England (PHE). PHE plays an important role within both the Government and throughout the public when it comes to advising what constitutes a health diet.

PHE initially introduced the eatwell plate 8 years ago to highlight the important and necessary aspects of a healthy and balanced diet. The Eatwell guide has seen a number of developments since this initially publication – all of which have been based on the advice of health professionals, industry, academia and third sector representation, click here to understand more about the changes that have been made. All of this information is in line with dietary advice from the World Health Organization, as well as other worldwide Government bodies.

The Eatwell guide is a useful and informative source to gain knowledge from, but we are aware that it’ll take much more than this to see a significant shift in the British nation's food and drink habits, which is why we strive to inform, present and instigate action within the public’s food and drink habits based on factual, scientific, evidence based and most up to date dietary research. 


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