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Healthy Food Substitutions


Sometimes it really is as simple as making one change to your usual recipe to go from sluggish and heavy to filling, satisfying and healthy.

Weight maintenance is a common struggle among many but keeping your food choices in mind on a day-to-day basis is the key to success, no matter how small you think those changes are.

Below is a list of commonly consumed ingredients and food choices and the simple substitutions you can make for them that will make the world of difference to how you feel and look:






Red wine

Beef stock

White wine

Chicken stock

Beef mince

Turkey mince

White pasta

Whole wheat pasta/courgetti

Mashed potato

Mashed cauliflower


Mashed avocado

Vegetable Oil

Olive oil

Bottled salad dressing

Olive oil/balsamic vinegar/herbs & spices/salsa/guacamole

Plain flour

Almond flour

White rice

Brown rice


Sweet potato

Soft drinks

Sparkling water & sliced fresh fruit

Bottled condiment

Herbs & spices / low-fat Greek yoghurt

Pizza Dough

Mashed Cauliflower




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