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Holidays And Sun Cause Havoc!


Spoke to Anna yesterday following last week's results.

At home I am finding it on the whole, very easy to stick to the plan. When I started with Anna my diary looked nice and simple. All work commitments were for work I could do at home. No meetings or jaunts planned. However...we have now been away for 2 weekends out of 3, had visitors on the other and I will now be away working for a week at the beginning of June.

Not a problem then this is what Distance Dieters is all about, right?

Well, as I explained to Anna, my problem is you see ... I hate to feel I am missing out on "holiday"… and I count any social occasion as a holiday! Add to that the fact I enjoy a lovely drink (or bottle!) in the garden on a sunny day and you see why my motivation is flagging.

Last week I decided while away not to be so strict; to try and balance this lasp with some extra activity and missing some snacks not needed with what I was eating!! and then be super good on my return to counter balance it.

I stuck to this "Plan B" and did lose 2lbs, but I need to lose more if I am to achieve my goal.

Having a chat with Anna was great she reminded that I needed to prioritise really. If I stick to the plan completely I will lose the weight and then I will be able to re-introduce the things I feel I am missing out on. It is only for just over 4 weeks after all! With each potential side track I should ask myself "Do I really want this, or do I want to lose my weight? Do I really want this to drag on?"

She also reminded me that whilst she could see the reasons for missing snacks the point of snacks was to keep the metabolism ticking over. It really is great to have reminders and tips based on your own personal actions and habits.

I have to say having had a chat with Anna yesterday and being determined to stick to the plan like glue, I have still found the last couple of days difficult and have picked at little bits I shouldn't. Only tiny bits, but bits none the less. Part of this I am sure is due to my low mood and PMT... apologies for not taking personal responsibility here! So I am not really looking forward to this week's weigh in.

Tonight I am going to write down some key, motivating phrases, and as Anna suggested get some photos up around the place as well as a waistcoat I love but can't fit into…yet! This might have been a bit of a set back but I am determined to be back on track tomorrow!

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