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How Much Does Your Waist Size Increase Your Risk Of Type-2 Diabetes?


Excess weight around your middle is a dangerous game to play with your health. And it is becoming ever more apparent as new evidence emerges that your waist size has a direct correlation to the likelihood of you developing type 2 diabetes.





If you are a woman with a waist size of 34.7 inches or larger – your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is three times as likely.


If you are a man with a waist size of 40 inches or larger – your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is five times as likely.


This information was highlighted in a report from Public Health England. They have also stated that nine out of ten adults with type-2 diabetes are overweight or obese.

It has been predicted by 2030, that 9.5% of the adult population with have diabetes. Did you know that almost one in three adults in England have undiagnosed type 2 diabetes?  If you think you maybe one of these get along to your doctor and get checked out, better to be safe than sorry. 

A good deal of difference can be made to your health by eating a healthy diet and often type 2 diabetes can be controlled by making some dietary changes. 

Here at The Healthy Employee, we are often highlighting that excess weight around your middle is more dangerous than excess weight on other areas of the body. Within the report by Public Health England they explain that fat that is surrounding our vital organs in the abdomen is more dangerous than fat elsewhere because it is ‘metabolically active’, releasing more of the inflammatory, toxic chemicals that raise the risk of diabetes and heart disease.


This danger is too vital to ignore. And because of that, we have some simple tips and tricks in order to shed those few lbs and decrease your risk of developing type-2 diabetes, among many other dangerous diseases. Click here to view our 20 top tips for successful weight loss

A great way to calculate the size of your waist in comparison to yourself is to measure your hip-to-waist ratio. Click here to find out how. Is yours putting you at risk?

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