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How To Avoid Christmas Weight Gain


There are two aspects we are focussing on with this topic:

  • Why do people gain weight over the Christmas period?
  • How do you avoid gaining weight over the Christmas period?




Did you know that by making good food choices throughout the Christmas season to maintain your weight, but overdo it and splurge on all the wrong foods and drinks on Christmas day, you can still stand to gain approximately 1kg in weight?

The average person will consume approximately 7000 calories on Christmas Day alone. What is possibly even more shocking is that the average Brit will gain 6lbs between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

A survey has shown that it takes approximately 33.3% of people four months to lose those gained Christmas pounds. That takes you nicely to Easter, just in time for chocolate by the basket load!

A recent study of 1000 people showed that 31% of people asked consumed on average 8530 calories. The average breakdown of consumption worked out to:









Christmas dinner










So what are the main weight gain culprits and how can you avoid falling into their traps?


Why do people gain weight over Christmas?

  • Food appears to be everywhere
  • There is an increase in social alcohol consumption
  • There are more social gatherings than usual
  • Snacks are always available on tap and often high in calories
  • You lose track of what you are eating
  • You fall out of your usual exercise regime
  • Festive snacks are instantly gratifying but almost always highly processed and high in fat, sugar and salt


How do I avoid weight gain over Christmas?

  • Eat something before attending a social gathering.
  • Decide on specific occasions that you will over indulge rather than spreading it out throughout December.
  • Don’t be pulled in by the supermarket offers.
  • When it comes to Christmas Day, choose one meal to over indulge in and stick to sensible meals for the rest of the day.
  • For every glass of alcohol, drink two glasses of water.
  • Stick to lean proteins such as salmon and turkey.
  • Pile your plate high with vegetables – they will keep you feeling fuller for longer and leave you less likely to binge on sweet treats.
  • Get enough sleep. A lack of sleep with leave your energy levels on the floor which will cause a change in hormones, raising the likelihood of you reaching for the sweet bowl.
  • Weigh yourself twice a week throughout the Christmas period. This can be a great reality check and means that you can quickly and easily rein your food intake in if you see the lbs creeping on rather than leaving yourself with a mountain to climb come January.
  • Focus on the people around you rather than the food that is tempting you.
  • Pretend it isn’t Christmas when it comes to meal planning. We mean this in terms of normal portion control. For some reason we make huge amounts of leftovers for no real reason other than to over indulge on. Make enough to feed those eating as you would normally. 


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