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How To Embark On A Healthy 2018


The New Year is synonymous with ideologies and pipe dreams of a healthy, relaxed and balanced lifestyle. However, if this isn’t instigated through a carefully laid plan, it is likely that that is exactly how these intentions will remain, pipe dreams.

From 8th January, 25% of us have given up on our healthy New Year resolutions, leaving us feeling deflated and unmotivated to make positive changes, and therefore quickly slipping back into bad habits.


So why do so many of us fail at the first hurdle when it comes to getting healthy? There are a number of reasons, which include:

  • Vague goal setting
  • Goal setting based on inspiration rather than preparation
  • Unclear motivation
  • Unrealistic expectations


However, these barriers can be overcome with a few simple techniques:


1. Focus on your motivation

Being clear on the reasons you are setting yourself this goal will enable you to focus on achieving it. This could be an old photograph of a physique you want back, or seeing the children running around in the garden asking you to please join in with them!


2. Set realistic goals and expectations

By setting yourself realistic goals and having reasonable expectations, you have already set yourself up for success. Having a plan of action that is achievable will boost your morale and enable you to focus on getting there on schedule. For example, if you want to lose 2 stone in weight, plan to lose 1-2lbs each week until you have achieved this goal. Rushing something like weight loss is a sure fire journey to disappointment and is likely to be unsustainable, resulting in weight gain. 


3. Have a plan

Instead of thinking simply ‘I aim to eat healthily’, think about how you are actually going to achieve this and set a plan in action. Schedule in a couple of workout sessions at your local gym, or arrange a date to go for a jog with a friend. This also applies to your diet: Plan out exactly what you are going to eat for each meal, buy the appropriate food and prepare your meals in advance. This way, you are unlikely to fall off the wagon, even if plans changes and you are caught off guard.

Our food and exercise diary is an excellent tool to use in order to have your plan clear in your mind, download yours here!


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For full details of our Employee Nutrition Services, please find our brochure here and to chat through how this may be implemented in your workplace please call Anna on 07778 218009.

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