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How To Glide Through The Festive Period Without Weight Gain


The average person will consume approximately 7000 calories on Christmas Day alone. What is possibly even more shocking is that the average Brit will gain 6lbs between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

A survey has shown that it takes approximately 33.3% of people four months to lose those gained Christmas pounds. That takes you nicely to Easter, just in time for chocolate by the basket load!


Follow our tips to easily maintain your weight in amongst the Christmas festivities.

  1. Stick to soda water or slim line tonic water if you choose mixers with your drinks. Fizzy drinks are chock full of empty calories and a bucket load of sugar. White wine or champagne are your best options if you are being calorie conscious – make your white wine a spritzer!
  2. Grab a protein filled snack before an event - having a small snack rich in protein such as hummus and veggies or Greek yoghurt and berries will help to alleviate any imminent hunger and make you more likely to choose foods wisely at social events as you won’t be ravenous.
  3. When helping yourself to a buffet, fill half of your plate with veggies, a quarter of your plate with protein such as chicken/turkey/fish and leave a quarter of your plate for something special such as pigs in blankets. There is no need to go without at Christmas if you want to look after your waist line, but be sensible and enjoy the things that are really worth having – i.e. don’t waste your indulgent plate quarter on a bread roll!
  4. For every alcoholic drink you consume, follow it with two glasses of water.
  5. When it comes to protein, stick to lean cuts such as fish, turkey or chicken.
  6. When attending Christmas events, focus on enjoying the company of people rather than the buffet!
  7. If you are hosting a Christmas bash, embark on meal planning as you would any other day. We mean this in terms of normal portion control. All too often we over estimate Christmas portions, as there are so many deal and offers on around the supermarkets. Simply make enough to feed those eating as you normally would.
  8. It is fine to indulge in your favourite foods, but choose specific occasions and events to do this, rather than right the way through December.
  9. Weigh yourself twice a week through December, this will give you a great reality check and ensure you aren’t falling off the bandwagon too greatly. Gaining a substantial amount of weight over Christmas will only make you feel as though you have a mountain to climb come January.


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