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How To Make Healthy Habits Stick


Being on a ‘diet’ is seen as a short-term solution, and one which you will not enjoy – going hungry and experiencing mood swings along the way. Instilling healthy habits into your current lifestyle will ensure you give yourself the best chance at successful weight maintenance. Sustained weight loss is a lifestyle choice, not a short-lived fad – this mentality is where weight gain comes into play.


1. Remove temptation

Clear the house, cupboards, desk drawers and car or any unwanted temptations and replace with real food.


2. Practice makes perfect

By repeating your new healthy habits you will help them to stick, encouraging a lifestyle change rather than a one off failed diet.


3. Be ready to commit

As stated above, repetition is so important in instigating permanent change. But bear in mind that statistically it takes two months for a habit to form, sometimes a lot longer.


4. Move, move, move

Exercise is great for your health and to encourage weight loss, so do your best to fit this into your weekly routine. This can range from running, cycling, team sports or classes, or simply going to the gym. If you find yourself struggling to maintain this from time to time, then consciously getting up from your seat and taking a 10 minute walk will do wonders for your health, mentally and physically


5. Maintain through little and often

Once you have achieved your goal weight, you will be able to increase your food intake a little. However, if you indulge a little one day, simply cut back slightly the next. Maintaining a healthy weight is all about keeping on top of it.


6. Realistic expectations

When you are losing weight, don’t have a target weight that exceeds one kilogram a week in loss. Taking weight loss a small chunk at a time will enable you to be in control and hit your target regularly.


7. Accept that you’re human

Sometimes we find that a little weight has begun to creep back on. This isn’t a problem – simply address it as you have previously. Remove temptation, practice, commit, move, maintain and have realistic expectations!


What is your reason for wanting to lose weight?

Identifying the reason/s you want to lose weight is important. It is this that will be your motivator throughout your weight loss journey.

  • To look and feel better about myself – sometimes weight gain can have a dramatic impact on our self-esteem and confidence. Steady weight loss with real food will enable you to establish greater self-worth, control and health.
  • For my family and children – Leading by example when it comes to a healthy lifestyle will only have a positive impact on your children. You may also be looking to be able to enjoy a day playing in the park without feeling worn out.
  • Preventing or improving disease – Are you at high risk of diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease? Or perhaps you already suffer from one of the following? Healthy eating will help to reduce your risk of suffering from these conditions and also help to reduce your risk of certain cancers.


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