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How To Simplify Your Life


National Simplify Your Life week runs through the first week of August. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of some tips and tricks that will enable you to lead a fit and healthy life with ease and convenience. 

We’re sure you’ll agree that life is complicated enough without the faff of inconvenient dieting or out of the question exercise regimes.

Faddy diets and untimely workouts will almost certainly ensure that you ditch your unsustainable healthy intentions. Healthy living isn’t one size fits all, so we have a range of recipes, tips, tricks and inspiration to help you glide through life effortlessly (okay so maybe just a little less bumpily)! All points are designed to be flexible, and with the ability to fit seamlessly into your own regime.

Going back to basics will eradicate overcomplicated and unnecessary lifestyle changes will enable you to stay on track with ease, putting you back in control of your health and wellbeing, helping you to feel and be at your best and therefore most able to deal with the challenges in life that we can’t control.


1. Commit

Top of our tree is commitment. That is committing to yourself that you will be making some simple changes to your everyday food and drink that will have you feeling less bloated and less tired in no time.   


2. Eat breakfast

Start your day off on the right footing by kick starting your metabolism into gear and setting you up for a productive day ahead. We have a number of breakfast recipes that will suit a range of palate’s and lifestyles:


3. Have snacks to hand

Having snacks available throughout the day is always important and sometimes life can be a little unpredictable, leaving you reaching for a chocolate bar and packet of crisps in the next petrol station. Here is a range of our snacks that are easily transportable and take seconds to prepare.


4. Be organised

Download your shopping list and food planner. Planning your food is important, but make sure that you plan it to suit your week ahead. For example, if you know that you are on the road for the majority of it, assemble your foods in a cool box and choose foods that suit being part of a packed lunch.


5. Think colours and variety

Instead of getting hung up about counting calories or weighing food, aim to concentrate more on the colours on your plate and varying your food choices each day. By doing this you will be having a more balanced diet and getting all of the vitamins and nutrients you need.


6. Eat real food

This links nicely on from the previous point of not concentrating on weighing and calories. By eating real food, you don’t need to start calculating grams of saturated fat and added sugar to the nth degree and most real foods are balanced in their nutrition content. You simply need to use your common sense. For example, have nuts in small handfuls and salads by the plateful! For a more in depth look into a balanced diet, click here.


7. Complex carbohydrates over simple carbohydrates

This means ditching the white bread and pasta and opting for foods such as wholegrain bread and brown rice. This substitution will be far more satisfying and leave you feeling fuller for longer.


8. Have water on tap

Water flushes your system of waste and toxins, keeping you clear headed and alert throughout the day. It is also common to feel hungry on many occasions that you are in fact thirsty. So instead of reaching for another sugar filled snack, take a few gulps of cold water and reevaluate your appetite. You should aim to have 1.5L-2L every day. This will vary depending on your physical exertion and will need to be adjusted to suit.


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