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How Will Your Company Celebrate Global Employee Health And Fitness Month?


May is Global Employee Health & Fitness month, the perfect opportunity to promote healthy habits, a balanced diet, exercise, wellness and energy throughout your business and personal life.

42% of men and 32% of women are overweight, but this can be dramatically improved by focussing on wellness in the workplace and promoting health eating a living. This will then improve energy, productivity and morale among your company, leading to an increased bottom line.

The International Labour Office found that individuals who were off sick with musculoskeletal issues were often presented as being overweight. Recent research they conducted also showed that each employee would have an average of 7.6 days of absence each year – this is a cost of £600 per annum for every company. Take this issue more broadly, as it costs the economy £14 billion each year.

In terms of priorities, nutrition was placed 7th among UK companies which is a stark contrast to the 2nd place the US ranks it in at, coming just being exercise.


Focussing on nutrition within the workplace will give employees the potential of:

  • Decreased stress levels
  • Lower blood pressure & cholesterol levels
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Greater staff morale
  • Greater productivity
  • Decreased illness
  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Increased physical fitness
  • Enhanced wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence levels
  • Overall increased health awareness


Celebrating Global Employee Health and Fitness Month will benefit you personally regardless of your job role or position within your company. To get the very most from it, follow these 5 steps:


1. Sensible snacking

The key to being productive at work is down to the focus you apply. This focus can only be utilised when we use the right fuel (food). Snacking on high sugar foods with little nutritional value will mean your energy levels imitate a rollercoaster throughout the day, leaving you unable to focus. We recently recommended to a business that they provide oatcakes, nuts and dried and fresh fruit for their employees during a meeting. The feedback that we received was that all of the healthy food was eaten, and the biscuits remained almost untouched. For satisfying and delicious snacks that will provide you with the fuel needed – click here.


2. Make time for breakfast

Research has shown that performance throughout the day is better if you have eaten breakfast. Many people state that they run short on time in the morning which gives them reason to grab a cereal bar at the very best as they commute to work. But breakfast doesn’t have to be time consuming, it can be prepared the night before, and you can prepare for a week’s worth of breakfasts! Fuel up with one of our recipes – here.


3. Ensure you use lunchtime as a break

Eating at desks does nothing for staff morale and stress levels. In order to nurture a healthy lunchtime culture, encouraging employees to get away from their desks is essential. Going for a brisk 10 minute walk, even if it’s inside if the weather is inclement. You wouldn’t operate at home from your bed, so work should be no different. Changing the scene and getting blood pumping will increase morale and productivity. Perhaps if you have the resources, set up a small exercise class or group running club at lunchtime or after work? This will not only encourage improved fitness, but it will also promote teamwork and improved morale.


4. Friday is cake day

If you work in an office that is heavily populated, then the likelihood is that it is always someone’s birthday and with that comes an endless supply of cake and sweet treats. Sugar creates energy slumps, so if this is something many have to contend with throughout the week, productivity, energy and general wellbeing is being contended with. Instead of having cake for every birthday, why not request that those whose birthday is was that week, bring cake in at the end of the week on the Friday. This was the sugar overload is being kept to a singular day. To counter balance this, how about making Monday salad day? If everyone was to bring a single salad item to contribute to a giant salad bowl: That would be lunch sorted for everyone. Quick, cheap and healthy – getting your office off to a flying start that week!


5. Afternoon slump extinction

The previous 4 points go a long way to improving the afternoon slump throughout an office. However, tackle the problem head on. Voices become quieter, shoulders begin to droop and everyone is clock watching. Stick a bowl of fruit in the office and announce for everyone to grab their pick-me-up. A piece of fruit will help people over the afternoon slump much more than a packet of crisps or a bar of chocolate.


We’d love to hear about how your company celebrated Global Health and Fitness Month. Please share any of your celebration idea or pictures by emailing Georgina directly.  


Happy celebrating!


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Eating a healthy diet in the workplace can inspire engagement and motivation. If you would like to discover more please call Anna on 07778 218009 for a conversation about how we may be able to help your business or team.

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