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Learning At Work Week 14-20 May


Learning At Work Week is a great opportunity to bring businesses together, instigate fresh learning through valuable resources and arrange incentive for those looking to make positive changes.

The Healthy Employee has a number of services designed to generate knowledge, engagement and awareness for all participants. Below are a number of the immediate differences we expect to see within your organisation when partaking in The Healthy Employee services.

  • Changing attitude to wellbeing and nutrition
  • More positive and improved perception and awareness of the impact that nutrition can have on personal health and development
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of correct and helpful nutrition 
  • Greater employee productivity and engagement
  • Stimulating and collating employee feedback, ideas and perspective to inform future planning
  • Encouraging a broader perspective on how health and wellbeing and the impact it has within the workplace, family home and social situations
  • Highlighting business priorities, agendas and addressing change


These immediate positive changes have been shown to produce the following improvements over time:

  • Improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Improved sleep, energy and motivation
  • Sustained weight loss
  • Greater work performance and job satisfaction
  • Strengthen immune system with decreased absenteeism and presenteeism


We have a range of services that suit varied workplace demands and needs including:

1. Toolbox Talks

Engaging, informative 4 minute videos designed to inspire healthy and positive dietary changes for both sexes, across all sectors.

2. Bitesize

Providing employees with easy and convenient recipes to enable them to make healthy meal and drink choices week after week.

3. Nutrition Days

We work with your employees on a 1-2-1 personal appointment basis, identifying nutritional problem areas and reaching a solution.


Email today to enquire and make the most of your Learning At Work Week and which of our services will give the boost your workplace needs. 

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