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More Herbs Less Salt Day - 29th August


Eating a healthy, balanced diet takes organisation, planning and effort in the first instance, but then again, so does any lifestyle change. Moreover, it doesn’t take more time and it certainly doesn’t cost any more financially than a diet rich in processed foods.

Friday 29th August is More Herbs Less Salt Day, and we thought we would take the opportunity to list our favourite herbs and spices along with the benefits they give us physically and therefore mentally! Cutting down on your salt intake will decrease your intake of sodium, therefore decreasing your chances of conditions such as cardiovascular disease and stroke. So put down the salt grinder and take note!


What follows are our top 8 herbs and spices to liven up not just your food, but your body too!


A great source of iron, fibre and magnesium – it is also rich in vitamin K, a vitamin that helps the blood to clot. Coriander also contains anti-inflammatory agents that may aid conditions such as arthritis, high cholesterol and bacterial infection.

(If you are on blood-thinning medication, be sure to consult your doctor before increasing your intake of any foods high in Vitamin K.)

Check out our recipes that contain coriander and find your favourite! 


Research has found that cinnamon may bring benefit to type 2 diabetes, and lower blood sugar and cholesterol. An excellent source of fibre, cinnamon is naturally sweet so is ideal to sprinkle over porridge for a great start to your morning, or added to main meals such as stews to add a fuller, richer flavour.

Check out our recipes that contain cinnamon and find your favourite! 



Rich in calcium, iron and magnesium - another spice that’s great for lowering your blood sugar level. Research has also found that cumin may boost your metabolism and improve your digestion. Cumin has also been found to contain anti-carcinogenic properties – bonus!

Check out our recipes that contain cumin and find your favourite! 



Fennel contains anti-oxidants that will aid you in the fight against cancer, aging and infection. Fennel seeds are also naturally rich in iron, calcium, manganese, zinc, magnesium, potassium and fibre – which will aid your digestive health and lower your cholesterol. Fennel is an ideal spice to be added to fish and vegetable dishes – try it out!

Check out our recipes that contain fennel and find your favourite! 



Research has found that ginger may improve blood sugar levels – aiding those suffering with diabetes. Ginger is also commonly used within Asian medicine, aiding those suffering with nausea. Ginger works brilliantly within many savoury dishes – get experimenting! Try grating ginger root into other things such as water with a slice of lemon or a homemade salad dressing – giving it that extra punch!

Check out our recipes that contain ginger and find your favourite! 



High in potassium, calcium, copper, iron, vitamin C and magnesium, this versatile herb can be used within many dishes and drinks and has been found to benefit your health in countless ways. Mint is an excellent herb to provide a boost to your digestive system, having been found to improve the condition of irritable bowel syndrome. Try adding fresh mint to lamb, vegetables, homemade soups, caffeine free fruit teas or one of our homemade waters.

Check out our recipes that contain mint and find your favourite! 



Rosemary not only contains antioxidant properties but also has been found to boost brain power, cognitive performance, improve learning and memory. Rosemary is an out and out winner for being able to be used across the board within many dishes including fish, poultry, game and vegetables.

Check out our recipes that contain rosemary and find your favourite!



Rich in vitamin K, calcium, fibre, manganese and many antioxidants - thyme has been found to potentially prevent cellular damage which could decrease your risk of cancer and slow down the aging process. It works fabulously within bean and vegetable dishes – give it a whirl!

Check out our recipes that contain thyme and find your favourite! 


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