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Music, Sunshine And Extra Baggage


Ok, let's get this over with. I put on 4lbs at Glastonbury.

And even though that is one mahoosive set back in the overall weight-loss big picture, I'm actually ok with it because there was very, very little opportunity to stick faithfully to the plan while I was there. I did pretty much everything I could do to minimise damage I limited my alcohol intake, I steered clear of the festival staples of bread, pasta, noodles and rice, I tried to eat as regularly as possible, etc, but I did slip up on a few things. That prawn and avocado sandwich on the way back probably wasn't the best idea. Nor was drinking pints of milk instead of water in the morning because it was nearly four times cheaper than bottled water and the queues for the taps were ridiculous.

But, as Anna quite rightly pointed out, everyone on a weight loss journey will have a 'Glastonbury' pop up at some point along the way; one of those events that you can't and shouldn't miss but where, despite careful planning and your best efforts, it's just not possible to stick to the distance dieters' way of eating. It's how you deal with it afterwards that makes the difference.

And funnily enough, I couldn't wait to start eating healthily again. The Tuesday after I got back I was tired, bloated, light-headed and generally feeling pretty grim. I can partly attribute that to either the kangaroo or crocodile meat I tried on Sunday (one of which did not agree with me AT ALL), operating on 5 hours' sleep per night and being relatively dehydrated, but for the most part it was clear that my body just wanted regular, fresh, well-prepared food.

As I got straight back on the wagon, I'm confident that I can take this extra baggage off by next weigh-in. In fact, Anna's set me a challenge to go one better 5lbs off by Thursday. I've got a 30th birthday meal out on Saturday to contend with but, after Glastonbury, managing that meal is going to be a walk in the park.

In case you're interested, Glastonbury was amazing. Beautiful weather, outstanding sets by bands too numerous to mention and mesmerising wandering cabaret acts all helped to make the festival the awe inspiring spectacle it is. Even Michael Eavis' toe-curling, karaoke-style sing along to Happy Birthday with Stevie Wonder was a thing of rare beauty.

Here are the vital stats for this week, then. Fingers crossed for far better figures (in more ways than one) next week!

Weight BMI Chest Waist Hips
Last week 11 st 4 25.5 39" 33" 41"
This week 11st 8 26.1 39" 33" 42"
Loss +4lbs +0.6 0 0 +1"

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