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National Comfort Food Day - 5th December


Comfort food and snacks – how to get them to work in your favour!

Comfort foods are obviously designed to bring us comfort – it is no myth that foods hold the ability to change our mood by altering the chemicals within our body. However, some comfort foods leave you with a feeling of guilt and regret. This becomes a vicious circle of comfort eating to feed the low mood and consequently feeling bad about doing so.


However, there are comfort foods out there that will leave you feeling satisfied, happy and relaxed – without the negativity. Below we are putting a healthy and delicious twist on the nation's 3 favourite comfort meals. Try them out, you may be surprised by which you prefer! 

We also have a link at the bottom of the article so you can head straight to our library of healthy comfort food meals for some great ideas on things you can try on your whole family. And not forgetting a link to some great mood boosting foods and drinks. These replacement foods and drinks will leave you feeling brimming with energy, vitality and full until your next meal - a true comfort! 


1. Fish & Chips   

How To Make It Healthy

Known to be deep-fried, oily, and salty. Convenient, stodgy and nostalgic – everything one looks for in comfort food. However, this fat and calorie overload will leave you paying the price. You might feel uncomfortably bloated, or have an oily residue left in your mouth, you may feel downright bad about having devoured your fish and chips with such gusto.

There are simple, delicious and weight friendly alternatives – the only difference is, you will actually feel good for eating it.

Some fish and chip shops steam fish, all you have to do is request it – who’d have thought it?! Or you could steam your own fish at home, leaving you with free reign on your fish of choice. Instead of those overly salted chips, cut some sweet potatoes into strips and stick in the oven to cook with a splash of olive oil and thyme – delicious! Be sure to add a large handful of salad or veg to your plate too!


2. Full English Breakfast  

How To Make It Healthy

The great thing about a full English breakfast is that you can make it as healthy or as unhealthy as you like – whether you’re eating at home or eating out. Stick to your protein based items such as sausages and bacon. If you’re at home, it’s preferable to oven cook these rather than fry them. You can also add in some mushrooms and tomatoes too, and treat yourself to an egg whilst you’re at it! Forget the baked beans, fried bread and black pudding – full of sugar and fat. If you miss that bread component, stick to toasted wholemeal pitta breads or wraps, a great alternative that is weight friendly.


3. Roast Dinner   

How To Make It Healthy

A health conscious roast dinner is much along the same lines as a healthy full English. Be sure to include your meat, but ditch the Yorkshire pudding, potatoes and stuffing. If you’re cooking, you can always make sweet potato roast tatties. Pile high your veg, there is no such thing as too much. Leeks, sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans etc. Just be wary of root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, turnips and parsnips, as these contain higher amounts of sugar. Have them by all means, but just be conscious of the amount.

If you are eating out, request for your gravy to be on the side, this way you are in control or how much you have or don’t have as many ready-made gravies can often be full of nasties!


We have a large range of healthy comfort food meals for you to choose from for further ideas – check them out simply by clicking here!

Forget comfort. Boost your mood with these 9 foods and drinks!

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