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National Know Your Numbers Week 15-21 September 2014


This September 15th-21st is National Know Your Numbers Week, so what better time to discuss the importance of knowing your numbers and the effect they can have on your current and future health.

By 'your numbers' we are referring to:

  • weight
  • height
  • body mass index (BMI)
  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol level
  • hip-to-waist ratio


Knowing your numbers will enable you to act on and improve on them if necessary. Check out our Personal Health Checklist for further information. 

There are many people who aren't certain on their numbers, however, we cannot highlight the importance of knowing them enough. Being informed and aware of your numbers and what they mean for your health, both now and in the future, will stand you in good stead for your future years to come. 

National Know Your Numbers Week is oringally based on your blood pressure statistics. However, there has been recent research that suggests that we need to begin to take more notice specifically of our waist measurement, as it potentially has huge bearings on your lifespan, or perhaps lack thereof. 

A new study has suggested that in order to live a long life, your waist must be half your height or smaller. Not only that, they have also estimated the time shaved off your life depending on how far over the recommended measurement your waistline goes. 

A male aged 30 and of average height, with a waistline measuring 56", will die 20.2 years prematurely. 


With Mr Average being 5'10 and 30 years old, it is recommended that he has a waistline of 36" or smaller. If that waistline were to expand to 42" (60% of his height), he will shave 1.7 years off his life. 

Similarly, Mrs Average will lose 1.4 years of her life if she were to increase her waist size the same amount in relation to her height. 



Measuring the waist has been found to be a reliable tool to use when assessing your risk of obesity related diseases. This is because by measuring your BMI, it cannot distinguish between fat and muscle, meaning someone in very good physical fitness with plenty of muscle could be classed as overweight or even obese. But when they measure their waist against their height, this result reflects that they are in peak physical condition. 

So what are you waiting for? Pick up that tape measure and take note of your numbers, your future may well depend on it! 


Read our blog post from 2013 Know Your Numbers Week for more inspiration and advice!

Exactly how much is your waist size putting you at risk of type-2 diabetes? Find out here.

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