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National Pack Your Lunch Day 10th March


National Pack Your Lunch Day has returned once again, so have a read of the following points to know exactly why you should be doing this every day!


Save Money

Money saving is a great decider when looking to make a change to your current lifestyle, and that is exactly what you will do if you endeavour to take a packed lunch to work each day. There are 253 working days throughout the year, and let’s say you spend on average £7.00 on lunch, snacks and drinks throughout the day when at work if you go empty handed – that equates to £1771.00 every year.

Buying your own basic ingredients and creating your own lunches will come to a fraction of that price. These basic ingredients needn’t be boring, simply use varying herbs, spices and fillings to liven things up!


Choice and Variation

As mentioned briefly above, basic ingredients can be made more interesting by using herbs and spices – basic ingredients are your cheapest options but have the potential to be the most interesting and tasty! The danger of making your own lunch each day is that you become stuck in a rut, although this can happen if you buy the same lunch too!  This means that you will become bored and could therefore be led astray by temptation. It is worth investing a small amount of time and effort into planning a variety of go-to choices that you are able to rotate and alter to retain your interest. Also, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, perhaps try one new food each week to broaden your choice?


Gain Energy

By planning and creating your own lunches and snacks, it means you are in total control of the fuel you are feeding yourself throughout the day. This means that you are able to load yourself up with lean proteins and beneficial carbohydrates that will enable you to perform at your best as well as maintaining a steady blood sugar level. This means that you will be able to pack the food (fuel) you require for your day – for example, if you know you have a very long day ahead, or a day spent behind the wheel; the food choices you make can cater for this.


Healthier Eating

You will need to plan your lunches before heading to the supermarket in order to fully stock your cupboards and fridge with the useful and helpful foods to get you on track to homemade lunches and snacks and make temptation even less likely. This also means that your lunches and snacks will consist of real food rather the processed items. This means that you know exactly what you are eating, right down to specific ingredients, ensuring that there are no hidden nasties lurking and importantly that you are consuming a wide and varied diet.


Greater Relaxation

Having a proper lunch break is essential in order to recharge your batteries. Now when we say ‘break’, this doesn’t mean joining the hustle and bustle in the canteen queue or rushing around in the city or on the road to find a pre-packaged sandwich – we simply mean taking a breather, eating your lunch at a steady pace, getting some fresh air, having a change of scene, perhaps even getting some exercise. Relaxation comes in the form of whatever we choose – but we can guarantee it won’t be searching for the most convenient form of processed food!


It is clear that there are far more positives when it comes to packing your own lunch for work. Head over to our recipe page here for some great take-to-work lunch ideas. Invent, alter and experiment with delicious whole, real foods - this way you will stay in control, healthy and happy. 


For more about healthy eating please click onto one of the boxes below. 

Are you thinking about adding something to your health and wellbeing programme? Email Anna here to discuss how our Power Up & Motivate With Positive Nutrition Workplace Wellbeing Series may be of use to you. 

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