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National Simplify Your Life Week - 8 Simple Go-To Steps


The first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week. There are many areas of life that can be stressful, busy complicated and difficult. However, to simplify your life, the first port of call is to ensure you are feeling at your best each and every day.

The food and drink you consume each day has a huge bearing on how you feel even from hour to hour – and therefore how difficult or easy you find situations that life can throw at you.


There are many faddy diet tips and tricks that complicate life further. Such as impractical diet trends along with expensive diet products, unnecessary calorie counting and inconvenient weighing of food.

All of these things are unsustainable. By battling through, they may get you to your goal weight, but will leave you without any knowledge on how to maintain this achieved weight and how to feel better with real food.


In order to simplify your life, simplify your diet – what follows are 8 go-to steps as to how:

1. Eat a balanced diet - learn how to eat like an expert

2. Shop the ‘L’ of the supermarket – head directly up the first aisle to make the one side of the ‘L’, choosing your fresh fruit and veg, and continue along the back of the supermarket to complete your second side of the ‘L’ by deciding on your meat, fish and cheese in the fresh delis. Most of the products within the other aisles of the supermarket are saturated with processed foods. You should only need to dip into these aisles occasionally for items such as domestic products, dairy items such as milk and natural yogurt or herbs and spices to add life to your real food.

3. Be organised – download your shopping list and food planner 

4. Take snacks with you - check out our huge range of snacks by clicking here. What takes your fancy?

5. On the road? Have a cool box in your car. This will enable you to plan your food and drink throughout the day without it spoiling in the heat.

6. Eat only ╩╗real╩╝ food. This is natural food, food that occurs naturally within nature. Consider; does it have two legs, four legs, can it swim, does it fly, does it grow? If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes' then it is real food.

7. Ditch processed foods: cakes, crisps, biscuits, chocolate, energy bars, fizzy drinks, cereal bars, the list goes on.. For more information on processed food, click here.

8. Avoid sugar - learn how to cut sugar from your diet completely.  


KISS - Keep it simple stupid. Learn more about simplicity by clicking here

Simplify things further for yourself and read the absurdness of faddy dieting here

If you are part of a company and would like to find out more about our healthy eating services please call 0845 533 5302.

If you are an individual and are interested in our 12 week online healthy eating programme you can find out more - here. When you're ready you can login to My Healthy Eating Programme using the login button at the top and entering the code VIP10 into the register now box. The cost of the 12 week programme for an individual is £49.99 and we have corporate rates available upon request.

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