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National Spinach Day - March 26th


The annual National Spinach Day is upon us, due to fall on March 26th. There are a wide variation of health benefits to reap from this leafy green vegetable, some you may be entirely unaware of!

Spinach is a fantastic source of potassium, iron, protein, magnesium, anti-oxidants, Vitamin K, Vitamin A and fibre. Each of these sources brings to the table a significant improvement to your health and wellbeing when consumed in a recommended amount.  A brief outline of these health benefits are as follows:


Bone Health

The vitamin K found within spinach helps to strengthen your bones, leading to a lesser likelihood of breaks and fractures.


Lowering of Blood Pressure

The potassium that is contained within spinach aids in negating the effects of sodium within the body – this lowers blood pressure.


Asthma Prevention

A nutrient called beta-carotene found within spinach reduces the risk of developing asthma.


Diabetic Management

Another nutrient found within spinach called alpha-lipoic acid has been shown to lower glucose levels within the body. It has also proven to increase insulin level sensitivity and prevent oxidative stress-induced changes within individuals with diabetes – this makes handling of the illness far more manageable.


Skin and Hair Health

The Vitamin A within spinach aids the body with the production of sebum. Sebum is necessary in keeping your hair moisturised, and also the growth of all bodily tissues, which includes hair and skin. Combined with this, the iron contained in spinach helps the body fight against hair loss.


Prevention of Cancer

The chlorophyll found within spinach has been shown to be beneficial when it comes to blocking cancer causing effects of heterocyclic amines which are produced when grilling foods at a high temperature.


Promoting Regularity

The high fibre and water content within spinach helps to prevent constipation and also promotes a healthy digestive tract.


So this is all well and good– but how can you get your vital dose of spinach into your diet? Well, the answers are easy and delicious and can be found just below:


These recipes are simply a taster of the recipes we have on our database. Click here to go directly to our database and view all of our recipes that contain spinach. Alternatively, if you have a specific ingredient that you love, type that into the keyword search bar. Or perhaps you have an ingredient you dislike but know will benefit from eating, so what delicious recipe can you hide it in?


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