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National Work-Life Balance Week 2nd - 6th October


October is the month of National Work-Life Balance Week, running from the 2nd – 6th October. This is a balance many of us struggle with, as there never seem to be enough hours in the day. But this week brings the issue to the forefront and is an occasion for both employees and employers to focus on health and wellbeing balance within the workplace and at home.



Without a balance, productivity, motivation and happiness will never be achieved. 23% of us remain unhappy with our balance; this is commonly due to putting ourselves at the bottom of our priority list.  

Working excessively long hours is associated with depression, sleep deprivation, stress, a compromised and unhealthy diet, raised blood pressure, lowered immune system and an increased risk of heart disease.

With retirement age set to increase along with life expectancy, finding that equilibrium between work and home life is the key to both longevity and success.

Are you part of the 40% of people who claim to have inadequate sleep, or the 40% of people who spend less time exercising than you would like?

Below are a number of suggestions can instigate or propose to promote a work-life balance, along with reducing unnecessary work stress:

  • Go home on time
  • Have a lunch break and stepping away from your desk
  • Participate in a lunch time or after work exercise class if possible

As you can see within the health and wellbeing quadrant below, all aspects of life are interconnected. If one area suffers, then you cannot expect the remaining areas to run smoothly and successfully. 

Prioritise yourself to ensure your equilibrium is reached. By getting your balance perfected, you will ensure your health and wellbeing is strengthened and no longer up for terms of negotiation.


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