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National Work-Life Balance Week 3-7 October


The balance between our home and work life is something many of us struggle with and

This week is an opportunity for employers and employees alike to focus on health and wellbeing within the work environment, and the balancing act between work and your home life.




24/7 connectivity, it has become increasingly more difficult to switch off and therefore never completely relax and be ‘off duty’. Technology has allowed us to work all hours under the sun, but instead of making this your enemy, why not use it to your advantage. With full-time connectivity, become more flexible with your working hours and time spent in the office – if approved by your employer. Fitting a job around your home-life is just as important as getting all of your professional duties completed.

Without a balance, harmony will never be reached, and therefore you are likely to pay the price with your health and wellbeing. Be that through a lowered immune system, tiredness or stress and anxiety.

Regardless of the above information, 23% of us remain unhappy with our work-life balance. This is down to putting ourselves at the bottom of our list of priorities, this includes everything from not getting enough sleep, to skipping meals on a regular basis.


A study carried out by the Royal Society of Public Health showed that among the 1500 participants questioned:

  • 58% felt that more flexible working hours would improve their health
  • 40% slept less than recommended
  • 40% spent less time exercising than they would like


Striking a balance between your work and home life is essential for longevity, happiness and overall health. Below are a number of things employers can do to promote a work-life balance, along with reducing unnecessary work stress:

  • Encourage employees to go home on time
  • Promote diversity, refresh company policy
  • Encourage lunch breaks and stepping away from desks


The key is balance, and moderation with absolutely everything.  As you can see within the health and wellbeing quadrant below, all aspects of life are interconnected, and if one area suffers then you cannot expect the remaining areas to run smoothly.

Prioritise yourself to ensure your equilibrium is reached. By getting your balance perfected, you will ensure your health and wellbeing is strengthened and no longer up for terms of negotiation.


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