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New Beginnings


Tonight the country has a new Prime Minister and a new Government. I too have much that is new. A new way of eating, a new approach to nutrition and to my health. The change for the country politically and for me personally, couldn't be more profound.

I am excited at the lesson's I've learnt already from Anna Mason at and I already feel better for them. These lessons as are most in life subject to error and correction but ultimately about learning and growing. These lessons or coaching to be more accurate are simple and easy to follow, delivered with clarity, rationale and good humour.

The errors, well of course as humans we are fallible and even the best coaching can go unheeded or can I get away with misunderstood? Probably not.

I fell foul the weekend before last when participating in the charity cycle ride from the 2012 Olympic site in Stratford, London to Stratford upon Avon. The 105 mile ride in aid of Parkinson's disease was split over two days, 35 miles in the afternoon of day 1 and the balance the following day. Although I had prepared well and trained hard I was slightly nervous of cycling 70 miles at a pretty quick pace on the second day so took with me some high energy carb' and protein bars. These bars designed for to ensure that you don't run out of gas and hit the equivalent of the 'marathoner's wall' do what they say. The problem is they're not compatible with a weight loss programme and my error, not consulting with Anna before using them. The result, no weight loss for the week so at last week's weigh-in I maintained the previous week's weight with a combined loss of 9 lbs since I started with 4 weeks ago. Another lesson learnt!

I can't help but wonder, to learn, is it necessary to first fail or should we just do as we're told?!

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