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Recipe Of The Week - Extra Protein Scrambled Eggs


Brilliant for breakfast, lunch or a very fast evening meal if you have had a long day. The whole family will enjoy this quick and simple dish. You can add just about any additional protein you desire - we have made some suggestions below.  If you would like this for breakfast eat it with the suggestion of red berries or melon or for something more substantial, scoop the cooked egg mixture into a brown pitta bread. For lunch or evening meal add in a large salad or cooked vegetables to give you a balanced meal and to help you feel fuller for longer.


  • Eggs
  • Smoked salmon or lean smoked ham or prawns or chorizo
  • Melon or red berries


  1. You can add extra protein to scrambled eggs by adding thin strips of smoked salmon or lean smoked ham. Or you could add some prawns or some fried and crispy pieces of chorizo (drained)
  2. Follow with slices of melon or red berries

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