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Slow Down Your Body Clock With The Right Food Choices


We spend much of our time being bombarded with contradictory information when it comes to agelessness and food. We are faced with drastic diets galore, with the options seemingly never ending. You could spend your entire life still searching for that anti-aging nutrition secret and still be none the wiser.

This is because the answer is far simpler than many publications give it credit for. To reintegrate youthfulness into your life, don’t jump onto the diet bandwagon in the first place.

To regain that zing in your step and turn back the clock, you need to lengthen your telomeres. Let us explain...


Researchers have discovered that the key to anti aging is contained within your chromosomes – a string like structure that can be found in every cell throughout your body. At the end of every ‘string’ are telomeres. The longer these telomeres are, the more they are able to protect your chromosomes and therefore fight against aging.


Telomere Shortening Foods

Red meat

Processed meat

e.g. bacon, sausages

White bread

Foods high in saturated fat

e.g. butter, cream, cheese, lamb, beef, pork

Vegetable oils

e.g sunflower oil, biscuits, crisps

Sweetened drinks

e.g. cola, energy drinks, fruit juice, smoothies

Alcohol - drink no more than 14 units per week spread over at least 3 days or more


Telomere Lengthening Foods

Fruits & vegetables



i.e. beans, peas, lentils


i.e. brown rice, brown bread, brown pasta

Lean protein i.e. turkey, chicken


Foods high in omega-3

i.e. salmon, mackerel, sardines, eggs, tuna

Green tea



The foods that encourage the lengthening of you telomeres are wholesome and full of fibre, vitamins and nutrients. Thus confirming that faddy diets will not encourage youthfulness, and that a well-rounded and consistently healthy diet will do just that. 


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