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Spending On Wellbeing Will Yield Between 3 And 6 Times The Spend


Why engaging staff in wellbeing is good for business, according to Dame Carol Black, spending £1 on wellbeing can gain between £3 and £6 yield.

Dame Carol Black, policy adviser on work and health to the government, states ‘Workplace wellbeing is one of the few areas that you can invest in your organisation to yield a massive return. Every £1 spent in workplace wellbeing can yield between £3 and £6 in gained productivity and efficiency.  There are limited options that can give you that kind of ROI.

As we come out of a tough recession employees are now back as the number one priority for the board to worry about.

Maintaining a productive and healthy workforce is as important as maintaining your digital landscape. If neither work at full capacity then your business is impacted, customers are lost and costs start to rise.

There will never be a more critical time for employers to invest in robust, engaging health and wellbeing programmes.

For those employers with an ageing workforce, musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) should be and will continue to be a focus.  MSDs are also the largest single cause of days off work lost due to sickness absence.

Regrettably our obesity levels are still on the increase with 1 in 16 adults in Britain diagnosed with diabetes.

Rising obesity levels play a role in MSD prevalence and contribute to increased likelihood of chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. While in terms of mental health obesity plays a prominent role in bullying and decreased self-esteem. This can also be an important factor in absence management.

According to The Faculty of Public Health and the Faculty of Occupational Medicine January 2006 - Evidence shows that, when organisations proactively improve their working environments by organising work in ways that promote health, all adverse health-related outcomes, including absence and injuries, decrease. This makes a strong business case for creating a healthy workplace. This is reflected in the Government’s Health, Work and Well-being strategy, which encourages and supports employers in initiatives to improve the health and wellbeing of working age people.

There has never been greater research into health and wellbeing at work and the bottom line benefits speak for themselves.  

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